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  1. stinkypants

    Force carbonation, too much foam

    Just to add my experience - I've served after just about an hour using greatly dialed-back adjustable tap. It is no where near perfect - fighting the development of a lot of foam, and yes a bit undercarbed (because of the foaming), but wouldn't call it grossly undercarbed. But that's probably...
  2. stinkypants

    Should I wash my yeast.

    I have pitched directly onto a yeast cake left in a fermenter I had just drained to the bottling bucket. Other than still having to bottle it was great.
  3. stinkypants

    Gose attempt

    Good luck! NYT just featured the style-
  4. stinkypants

    Adding DME to account for too much volume

    Have the results now - beer came out really tasty. Probably too dark because I scorched the added dme a bit. If I have to do again I'll use a double boiler. Hopefully won't have to, because it is taking chances. Better to be lucky than good.
  5. stinkypants

    Green witch label

    Really appreciate the feedback. I've fiddled around a bit more and come up with this: I'll probably fiddle a little bit more since still have a couple weeks to bottling day!
  6. stinkypants

    Adding DME to account for too much volume

    So obviously I couldn't leave well enough alone and added it. I can tell you all are shaking your heads and smacking your foreheads, but it was just gnawing away at me like an itch I couldn't scratch. Thanks for your thoughts Yooper, and thanks for the recipe. Btw, the yeast (from 1.5l...
  7. stinkypants

    Adding DME to account for too much volume

    I just put together a Yooper's Ruination clone recipe (1lb of 20L caramel, 8lbs DME, etc.). According to Yooper's recipe it should have a SG of 1.077. In my excitement over my new 10gal kettle, I forgot that in my stovetop tests it wouldn't boil without the lid on, so I had put in about 6 gal...
  8. stinkypants

    Green witch label

    Doing a Yooper's Ruination clone this week subbing in Centennial-type since tough to get the real thing for a decent price. Anyway, calling it Old Green Witch IPA after a nearby town (Old Greenwich). The "witch" is Dean Yeagle's "mandy" character, I just spent some time in GIMP coloring it the...
  9. stinkypants

    5 year old hefe...

    Just to add on my results to a similar topic, I found about 15 hefe's I made 13 months ago in a room temp closet and results after chilling were not good. They were awesome at 6 months though. Guess you have to slow those yeast down in the fridge to keep that long.
  10. stinkypants

    Storing DME

    I use those orange buckets from home depot. About 25 lbs fit into each. Have been brick-free for a year.
  11. stinkypants

    Show Us Your Label

    npauley88 - my deepest apologies, but I thought your "brown victory" post was a continuation of jimmayhugh's post above yours, taking "wrong" to a whole new level. On the other hand, jimmayhugh - there's your next label if you want to push the envelope!
  12. stinkypants

    Bronck's Brewery - Label Design

    Suggest taking out the second "(then known as New Amsterdam)" I like the picture; will these both fit on a bottle?
  13. stinkypants

    Apfelwein label

    Quick design. I'll update if any changes are made. First Apfelwein; kinda worried about it because used cane sugar, and probably not enough. Just put it in the carboy, though, so I guess I could add more. If it's no good I'll try it again because it was fun to make, and follow Ed Wort's...
  14. stinkypants

    pumpkin label

    New pumpkin ale label. Any comments? Suggestions? Thanks all!
  15. stinkypants

    1st Label for Wedding Favor

    Instead of exporting from inkscape, I've had good luck with zooming in and taking an alt-printscreen,then pasting into paint and saving as jpg. Might try that and see if you like it converting that way.
  16. stinkypants

    yeast twang

    Guess I'll have to "experiment" a bit and pay nore attention to the details of the taste when I get home. The sacrifices we make for science!
  17. stinkypants

    yeast twang

    My first brew in 10 years (and first one on my own) has just become ready for drinking. It is really good, and all I have shared it with have said they liked it (family who don't need to be polite). But, there's a twang to it that I instantly remembered from all those years ago. Its not even...
  18. stinkypants

    logo/label work for trade

    Looks cool. Just want to point out that it should be "complements", not compliments. This isn't really any of my business, but would it be too cluttered with a mario-type cloud in the sky? I always loved those clouds.
  19. stinkypants

    Stinkypants Brewing Logo & first Label

    I've finished my logo and first label just in time for the bottles to start getting ready to serve. Will probably use this on hang tags, but might try printing a few as labels. Any comments/critiques? I'm not very good with images, so the text is the at the forefront. Also, I'm trying to get...
  20. stinkypants

    Labels from Boerderij Kabouter

    Agree with the brim suggestion. I don't know anything about this stuff, but I really like how the light is palying on both the hat and the gnome. Everything looks really good.