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    Any Kitchenaid stand mixer owners?

    We have two, an artisan that we used for 13 years, it still works fine and we still use it if needed. I bought my wife the professional series back in April, we had to send it back because it was making a terrible noise. Kitchen Aid service was great, they sent her a new one with a shipping...
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    That last inch ... of beer

    There was a guy in my LHBS the other day, he has been brewing for about 15 years now, he was telling me and the owner how his mound septic drainfield just blew up. He figured it was all the yeast that he had been dumping down his drain for the last 15 years. Not sure if that is in fact what...
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    Best Commercial/Major Beer You've Ever Had?

    If I am not drinking craft brew, or home brew, I reach for a Rainier.
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    Bottling off the kegrator

    When I bottle off the keg I bleed the gas off completely then turn it down to 2-3psi. Also keep your growler or bottles cold while filling, I star san mine then put them in the freezer for about 10 minutes before filling.
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    Unexpected low hdrometer reading?

    How much extract did you add? what was your boil volume, and what is your final volume? What was your method for topping up? You likely had a hydro sample that was not mixed well resulting in the low reading. If you added the proper amount of extract then you don't have anything to worry...
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    Fizzing up!! Should I transfer?

    No don't move it, clean and sanitize around the airlock hole and hook up a blowoff tube until the fermentation (krausen) subsides, then fit your airlock back in place and wait for the yeast to finish.
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    Homebrew belly issues

    Anybody can S--t through a screen door, it is not having anything stick to the wires that is impressive.
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    FastRack - FastFerment Giveaway - Open to all!

    If I post twice do I get two entries? ;) I'm in!
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    Flat imperial stout

    That sounds like an infection of some sort.
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    Brew Bottles

    Tell your family to drink better beer!
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    Why no Carbonation?

    Why, it does nothing but get the yeast back into suspension, and helps the Co2 dissolve into the beer. If beer is taking a long time to carb up, like more than 3-4 weeks, then it is a common practice to swirl the bottle.
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    Beer line cut for ball lock - now what about commercial coupler?

    There is adapters that replace that couple with a hose barb and nut that will screw on to the commercial keg coupler. If this is an edge star kegerator or similar it probably comes with the adapters to make it work, I know that mine did.
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    Black ipa results... First pour

    What grain did you use for the black malt?
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    film on the side of ferment bucket

    I have had something like that on the side of the carboy, it looked like yeast that had dropped out and stuck to the sides instead of making it to the bottom. Beer turned out fine.
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    Black IPA

    You are welcome. FWIW I wasn't doubting if you could read a hydrometer or not, only that sometimes extract is not mixed well and it can give you readings that are not all that accurate. Extract is very predictable in the amount of gravity points that you get from it so when you miss an SG then...
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    Harvesting Yeast from Starters: UPDATE!!!

    This is how I thought everyone harvested yeast, been doing it this way since my first brew.
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    Will a half-full beer bottle carbonate?

    I cannot find the reference to the science behind it but I am fairly certain that a half full bottle will over carb.
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    Will a half-full beer bottle carbonate?

    I am not positive on this but I think it will actually overcarb with too much headspace. I will have to do some research on it but it seem like I ran across this before and that was the conclusion.
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    We no need no stinking beer gun...

    I tested this out today and have an issue with foaming that I cannot pinpoint. When I am dispensing the beer there is no foam but once I shut off the picnic tap to move to the next bottle the top of the racking cane fills with foam which is discharged into the next bottle. I think that the...
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    American Pale Ale Freedom APA

    Here it is poured Here it is drank.