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  1. Gumbys_Brew

    beer tools 2

    I've been using beer tools since version 1 and beer tools 2 just recently came out. It has all the great features of the previous version but with added online recipe storage along with udated and upgraded interface features. Love this program and definitely worth trying the free trial...
  2. Gumbys_Brew

    Bobby_M and

    I know there are probably a ton of other threads saying great things about bobby_m and but thought I'd add my own. I just ordered weldless compact sight glass with 2q dial thermometer and probe compression from him and shipping was extremely fast and packaging was great as...
  3. Gumbys_Brew

    awesome score

    I just scored a keg in great condition for just $25 to convert into another keggle and having a buddy build me a two tier brew rig for free well for a few home brews. Metal for the rig is free and everthing as well.
  4. Gumbys_Brew

    where to get CO2 in beaufort, sc

    anyone here in the beaufort, sc area or surrounding area? if so where can i get my co2 tank filled
  5. Gumbys_Brew

    sanyo 4912 3taps

    i read somewhere on here that you can fit 2 5gal corny kegs and 1 3 gal keg in a sanyo 4912 with moding the door by taking out the molding and by adding a shelf in the back. not sure if it would fit but have read on here that it would and am wondering if anyone here has actually done this with a...
  6. Gumbys_Brew

    history channel international

    just letting you guys know on the History International Channel there is a documentary on brewing and is titled brewing. pretty interesting most of the history you'll know already but they do show some nice beer pron and will be visiting dogfish head. airing from 2-3 central time.
  7. Gumbys_Brew

    hobgoblin beer

    ok i just saw a picture here of hobgoblin beer that was titled orfy's beer. is it really orfy's beer or are you just a really big fan?
  8. Gumbys_Brew

    stirplate pics

    here are some shot of the stirplate. front Top- there are holes drilled in the top bc i was going to mount the fan to the lid inside spacer- idea of and recommended by Dan Jeska with Stir Starters
  9. Gumbys_Brew

    Stirplate power?

    ok i have put together a stirplateusing anthony_lopez's cheap and easy build with the exception of the box being an old cigar box and i did not put the magnet directly on the fan instead put it on a spacer (plastic/PVC) recommended by Dan Jeska (great idea and suggestion) from stir starters a...
  10. Gumbys_Brew


    I have alot of brews under my belt but have never done a yeast starter before. the last brew i did obviously needed a starter because it did not come out like it was supposed to. i'm constructing a stir plate and well although i'm making one i don't really know how to use it. i know how to...
  11. Gumbys_Brew

    dogfish head 120 Minute IPA

    just thought I'd share that i went to the flying saucer here in Houston and to my surprise they had dogfish head's 120 Minute IPA. So I had to try it and wow is that a strong beer and shockingly great taste with it as well. I was expecting it to taste harsh and over bearing, but this was not...
  12. Gumbys_Brew

    moving to florida

    ok so i'm going to be moving to florida soon and was wondering if there are any LHBS in the orlando area.
  13. Gumbys_Brew

    Infection? maybe

    not sure if i'm just paraniod or what but i've never seen this in my beers before. its a flanders brown ale and smells extremely sour been in primary for 4 weeks now. apologize for the bad quality camera phone its blury but figured i'd post it it looks like a bunch of crumbs but nothing...
  14. Gumbys_Brew

    grilled breast

    here are some grilled chicken breast finishing up. i smothered them in italian dressing as prep. threw them on the grill; in-direct heat at 325-350 degrees and based with a honey/butter mixture halfway through the cooking process.
  15. Gumbys_Brew

    bavarian bock finaly ready to drink

    alright it has been a long 2 months waiting for this bad boy to be ready to drink. i cracked the tap perfect head, smell, and best of all taste great at 8.05% ABV 1.076 OG 1.015 FG. i have to say this is by far the best beer i have made. now i hope i can make another batch that comes out with...
  16. Gumbys_Brew

    beer tools update

    ok i just opened my beer tools pro 1.5 and it said there is an update to version 1.5.3 so i down load. wondering what changes and/ or additions did they make. couldn't fnd anything on their website.
  17. Gumbys_Brew

    My HERMS Build

    just the beginings of my HERMS build. The HLT will be directly heated. here are some pics of what i have done so far not much, but it is a start. Here is the HLT Iside of HERMS HLT with SS HEX COIL QD's from McMaster's I'll be using on all Ball Valves all i need really to get...
  18. Gumbys_Brew

    HERMS HEX coil?

    ok i'm about to order an immersion chiller to convert into a HEX for the HERMS system i am in the process of putting together. at midwest they have stainless steel immersion chillers that are cheaper than the copper ones. would it be ok to get the stainless and save or is it more heat...
  19. Gumbys_Brew

    finaly got around to do another brew

    in the process wort is boiling as we speak/ type. doing a bavarian bock also have fermenting edworts apfelwein. taking some pics. first brew of 2009 for me. yes sad but i've been busy.