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  1. andycr

    Favorite Non-Beer-Related Quotes Thread

    Couldn't find a non-beer quotes thread, so I decided to start one. I have way, way too many, but I'll start with a few... "Of all evil I deem you capable: Therefore I want good from you. Verily, I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws." -...
  2. andycr

    YAITIT - Yet Another "Is this infected?" Thread

    Hate to post my first YAITIT thread, but here it is. Had everything set up for bottling, then saw this. Never had an infection before, and it's hard to tell whether that's what this is. You can see it looks like dotted formations, possibly mold - but it's very hard to tell. Note the clusters of...
  3. andycr

    How to make a good DIY kegerator

    Now that I am transitioning from the world of bottling to the world of kegging, things are much easier. However, half my fridge is occupied by a keg, and I only have room for one. As such, while I'm carbing a batch, I'm pretty much out of luck for beer on tap. I'd also like that half of my...
  4. andycr

    Help! My keg pours nothing but foam

    I have a keg with 3' or so of line and a picnic tap. It's been carbing for about 4 days now, with a few hours at 27 PSI followed by the remainder at serving PSI of around 11. The beer comes out as nothing but foam. As a result, it's still almost flat - all the CO2 simply comes out of solution...
  5. andycr

    Just went back and tasted my first ever homebrew

    The last ever bottle of my first homebrew, from over 5 months ago, has been sitting in my fridge for months. 20 batches later, I finally cracked it open tonight. At the time, it tasted like amazing beer. Now, I can taste nothing but flaws. I've learned so much in the intervening time, and I'm...
  6. andycr

    I need to housebreak my yeast

    If there's one thing I have a problem with, it's attenuation. It, more than any other process in my brewing hobby, seems to be more random than scientific. No, WLP004, you shouldn't finish Ode to Arthur at 1.020. Bad yeasts. I mashed at 152, what more do you want. Next time I'll mash at around...
  7. andycr

    1.030 final gravity?

    I have a partial mash imperial stout that started out at 1.090. BeerSmith estimated the final gravity at 1.023, but it's sitting at 1.030 at nearly 4 weeks in primary. The yeast was WLP013, so a very flocculant yeast. Made a nice 1L starter for the 2.5 gallon batch, with very freshly packaged...
  8. andycr

    Island golden ale

    I recently had Big Wave Golden Ale, and was very impressed by its honey malt character and tropical fruit hop flavors. It's a candidate for best beer tried this year. I am not trying to clone it, necessarily, but I would love to have those two components in a golden ale of my own. Would you...
  9. andycr

    Little or no krausen, but very active fermentation

    Pitched my starter into my wort last night, and today, almost 24 hours later, there's almost no krausen - just a few assorted bubbles with no brown yeast rafts or anything. However, the wort is churning, the airlock is bubbling like mad, and very obviously in active fermentation. Not worried...
  10. andycr

    American Pale Ale Water Adjustment

    I'm a newbie to water adjustment, trying not to do too much damage to an innocent batch of EdWort's Haus Pale Ale. Starting from RO water (water reports in the Phoenix area are pretty pointless as they switch water sources throughout the year, according to Four Peaks Brewing locally). Aiming...
  11. andycr

    Help, my yeast is lumpy!

    Kind of funny, my WLP013 starter at 24 hours old is, of all things, lumpy. This was taken immediately after swirling it up. Thoughts? Will it vroom if I put four thousand volts through it? Is it dead, or just really good at the science of flocculation?
  12. andycr

    Danstar Windsor high finishing gravity

    I have an all-grain recipe pitched with Windsor ale yeast. It's sitting at almost 3 weeks and is at 1.022. I had heard it wasn't an especially great yeast, but is this really normal? I mashed at 153, so it's not like there should be a ton of unfermentables... Is Windsor really that lazy?
  13. andycr

    Want to do a high-gravity stout, but have a water PH question

    I would like to do a high gravity (~1.075) stout for the holiday season. However, I'm not sure that my mash PH will be right. Due to my setup constraints I'll have to do a partial mash, so there will be far more roasted grains than there will be base malt percentage wise until I add the extract...
  14. andycr

    Not loving S-04...

    So far I've brewed 2 beers with Safale S-04, and unlike it's cousin US-05, I'm not loving it. It seems to give a lot of fruity flavors, and not in a good way, even at low fermentation temps. I have a Hobgoblin clone that (immature, admittedly) tastes a bit like wine mixed with coriander. I'm...
  15. andycr

    Temp to ferment at after primary is complete?

    I have discovered I don't have to mess with ice or water to keep my fermenters at 70-72 in one room. I understand that most off-flavors are caused during the first few days, during primary fermentation. Does that mean storing it at this temperature after a primary at something lower (generally...
  16. andycr

    First BIAB brewday - success!

    Today was my first BIAB brewday. 2.5 gallon batch size, 5 pounds of grain. I used BeerSmith 2 to do the calculations, and it hit absolutely everything dead-on, with the exception of recommending a slightly high temp for the strike water (only 3º too high). Had a steamer basket thingy for a false...
  17. andycr

    BIAB newbie with a mash volume question

    I'm a complete all grain newbie, and want to get into BIAB. I do 2.5 gallon batches in a 4 gallon pot. Can I mash with 2.5 gallons of water, remove the bag, then top up to the 3.2 gallons required to collect 2.5 gallons at the end of the boil? Is it a cardinal sin of all grain to top up, or will...
  18. andycr

    Way too low OG

    Just did my second batch, a 2.5 gallon pale ale. The recipe came from the local brew shop: 3 lbs Light DME 4 oz Crystal 20 0.5 oz Perle (Bittering) 0.5 oz Cascade (Flavor) 0.5 oz Cascade (Dry hop) I got it put together, and the OG in the recipe said it should be 1.060. I measured 1.042...
  19. andycr

    Is it done?

    My ale has been in primary for 2.5 weeks, and completely cleared. I just took a final gravity reading, and it's definitely the best tasting flat, room temperature beer I've ever had! :p I was hoping to bottle tonight, but it came out to 1.015, 1.016 once I adjusted for temperature. Is it done...
  20. andycr

    Star San turns cloudy immediately

    My metro Phoenix-area water chemistry seems to turn Star San cloudy pretty much instantly after mixing. Initially I assumed it was still fine, but looking at posts it seems it may not be. What do you think?