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    Starter for White Labs WLP775 English Cider Yeast?

    I have some White Labs WLP775 English Cider Yeast, it's been in the fridge for 6 months. I should make a starter to use this I assume right? I've made edwort's recipe previously using montrachet dry yeast, wanted to try this stuff, but just am getting around to it now. If I do a starter...
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    Using cider instead of apple juice, any differences in process?

    I made a batch of edwort's apfelwein and it was really good, but the champagne like flavor was really the part that I would like to get around. I bought some white labs liquid english cider yeast. Last time I used apple juice from aldi's, 2lbs brown sugar, and montrachet. This time I'd like to...
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    Advice on faucet placement on my fridge/freezer

    Regular over/under fridge/freezer that I'm turning into my kegerator. Keezers sound nice, but I already had this one setting around. Now I'm just seeking opinions about how I should place my faucets. How far apart should they be? I'm putting in just a single right now, but plan on later...
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    Trouble getting the correct tubing

    I found a local plumbing supply store that has milky white poly tubing that is rated for ice making, beverage dispesnisng, fda approved, etc.... Problem is that it doesn't stretch like the vinyl stuff. My quick disconnect posts seem to be set up so that I can just barely stretch 3/16" viny...
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    Question about removing posts

    Just got a keg from a friend. It had old beer in it and I have to take it apart to clean it. It's my first keg and is going into a new kegerator setup. My first question is the posts have these little things sticking out of them. All of the info says to use a socket to get the posts off, but I...
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    Several bottles not carbed after 7 weeks in bottles

    I brewed AHS's aniversary oktoberfest. I bottled this stuff back 7 weeks ago. After about 4 weeks I had a few bottles and they were all carbed decently. Not huge head or anything, but some head and good carbonation throughout. Now the last 4 I've tried ad absolutely no carbonation at all. A...
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    Straight from primary to bottling bucket - How do you avoid trub?

    Ok, I dumped my wort into the primary without staining. Some people said to strain, many said no need, so I just dumped it. Anyway if I plan to go straight from my primary to bottling bucket (no secondary), what technique should I use to avoid transferring the junk at the bottom? Just a matter...
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    Any suggestions for adding lemon to my wheat beer?

    I brewed the AHS anniversary lemon wheat. I added 1/8oz of lemon peel at I believe 5 minutes. If I wanted a slightly more lemony aroma would adding a touch of zest after primary fermentation is done be a good idea? Or a bad idea. I know I can just add lemons at serving time, but if reasonable...
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    Question about fermentation temp for Oktoberfest yeast

    I bought the AHS Anniversary Oktoberfest kit ( The yeast it came with was: WLP820 Oktoberfest/Märzen Lager Yeast ( The yeast vial said to keep it above 70 until fementation...