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    Pennsylvania Keezer / Kegerator parts and kegs

    I have decided to part out my kegerator since I didn't have much luck finding someone to take the whole thing. I also have some kegs and a few other home brewing supplies. I am just going to post a link to my CL ads so I dont need to re-upload all of the images (there are a lot). You can...
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    Pennsylvania 15G SS Electric Kettle

    Due to the size/weight of this item I would prefer local pickup in Pittsburgh PA. 15g stainless steel Bayou Classic Kettle pre-drilled for electric element and temp prob. Also includes stainless steel basket, ball valve, pickup tube, custom made sparge arm with loc-line, extra loc-line...
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    Pennsylvania Fermentation Vessels

    Due to the size/weight of these items I would prefer local pickup in Pittsburgh PA. SS Racking Cane with Siphon Filter - $10 Carboy Washer (never used) - $10 6 gallon glass carboy with handle - $25 6 Gallon Better Bottles x 2 - $15/ea Brew hauler for better bottles - $10 6.5g brew...
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    Pennsylvania Copper Chillers

    25' Copper immersion chiller - $20 1/2" Counter-flow wort chiller w/ cam lock fittings - $80
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    Pennsylvania Ball Lock Corny Kegs

    Due to the size/weight of this item I would prefer local pickup in Pittsburgh PA. Ball Lock Corny Kegs x 7 - $50/ea All held pressure the last time they were used and are clean. (I probably have enough O-rings and spares to give rebuild kits with each one) Craftsman 7/8 & 13/16 ratcheting...
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    Pennsylvania 20G 240v Electric Complete Electric Brewing System

    Due to the size/weight of this item I would prefer local pickup in Pittsburgh PA. Brew Boss Brewing System - $1200 - I have brewed over 150 batches on Brew Boss systems and they are fantastic for repeatability. I have won many medals using this system. I would be happy to go over the system...
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    Pennsylvania 2 Tap Jockey Box

    Due to the size/weight of this item I would prefer local pickup in Pittsburgh PA. Jockey Box made from Igloo Cooler - $250 (Used only 2 times and cleaned well with LLC after) This can take beer from room temp to serving temp instantly. - 2 tap beer tower - Ball lock connections on all...
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    Pennsylvania Grain and grain storage

    Beacuse of the weight and size of these I think that this is probably local pickup only. Located in Pittsburgh, PA. Cereal Killer grain mill - $60 - SOLD 40lb Stackable Vittle Vault (for storing 55lb grain) with ~25lb Maris Otter - $30 - SOLD 40lb Stackable Vittle Vault (for storing 55lb...
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    Pennsylvania All must go!

    It is with mixed emotions that I have decided to sell off all of my brewing equipment. I seem to have lost my passion for brewing and haven't used most of this stuff in about a year. I've decided to sell everything to reclaim the space in my garage and basement and also to raise funds for my...
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    ISO: Heady Topper FT: Zombie Dust

    Picked up a 6 pack of Zombie dust and wondering if anyone would want to trade 2 bottles of this for 2 cans of heady topper? May as well kill 2 beer bucket list items at once.
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    Thoughts on this Sweet Baby Jesus clone

    Here is what I am about to attempt for a Sweet Baby Jesus clone. Look good? Anything you would change? Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 7.34 gal Post Boil Volume: 6.24 gal Batch Size (fermenter): 5.50 gal Bottling Volume: 5.25 gal Estimated OG: 1.079 SG...
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    Pennsylvania 4" SS shanks w/ barb for sale or trade

    So I decided to update my kegerator to bev flex tubing and that has been a very frustrating process. After struggling with trying to get the bevflex tubing over the barbs on my shanks, I am giving up and going with John Guest fittings. My problem is, the shanks have the barbs attached to the...
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    John Guest fittings

    After struggling with the bev flex tubing for what seems like weeks, I am ready to get the damn John Guest fittings. However, I have an issue. My shanks have a barb built in to them... There is no fitting from what I could tell to go from a barb to john guest fitting. Do I have any options...
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    Jockey Box help

    I am assembling all the pieces to build a jockey box and I am struggling with how I want to have the beer lines exit the box and get attached to the keg. I want some way to easily disconnect the jockey box from the keg but don't want to spend a fortune doing it. The most common thing I've seen...
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    SS Hop Filter and Electric Element

    First, not sure if I should have posted this here or in the Equipment forum. Mods, if I am wrong please move this. I just purchased a SS hop filter for my BK that is 6"x16". This will put the bottom of the filter about 1/2"-3/4" above my electric element. I'm assuming this will not cause any...
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    Question for indoor e-biab brewers

    I am in the processing of building a little brew room in my basement and ran into a snag while planning things out. I currently brew in a 15G e-biab system in my garage. In the garage, I have a pulley above the pot that I use to hoist the grain bag out of the wort and allow it to drain. I...
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    Will this vent hood work?

    I want to move my brewing setup from my garage to my own little dedicated brewery in the basement. I'ts going to be a very small room (80 sq. ft.) But I don't need anything crazy since I use a single vessel e-biab system that doesn't need much room. I've started gathering some materials and...
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    Critique this IPA grain bill

    So I am trying to use up some older grains I found laying around. I think this may make a decent IIPA grain bill but I've never used Munich or Brown Malt in an IPA.... thoughts? 7lb US Pale Malt 7lb Maris Otter Pale Malt 2.5 lb Munich Malt .5lb Brown Malt Ill be doing a simcoe /...
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    Will this work for hop support

    My original plan was to attach some eye hooks to the eaves of my roof and allow the hops to grow on the side of my house. Apparently, my wife does not particularly like the aesthetics of hops growing up the house. I have been pushed to the backyard. I really don't want to have to build a...
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    Is this pump too much?

    Getting some parts together to build a keg/carboy washer. Have a 25% off Harbor Freight coupon so I figured I would pick one up there. Looking on their website I am thinking about this one: