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    Quality control for micro breweries

    I just don't understand why SRM and hop profiles vary so significantly in the same beer brewed by the same brewery. So as far as malt goes I have read this I have noticed malt profiles are commonly controlled but hop profiles are...
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    Need advice on setting up Quickbooks for my brewery

    Go all the way and get an ERP....go with an ERP integrator QB doesn't really handle beer accounting that well especially because of the TTB. It can but youll probably need an add on like fishbowl or misys...or...
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    co2 solubility factors, I WANT MOUTHFEEL

    yea ill research it how to do the step up properly with cooler. Thanks for the tips!
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    co2 solubility factors, I WANT MOUTHFEEL

    AJ, I totally agree that there are many myths on these forums that people take as true. I appreciate the info and it sounds legitimate and hopefully Ill get my hands on some of Charles' literature. apart from my original question.. how is this executed properly? If I only have a cooler as a...
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    co2 solubility factors, I WANT MOUTHFEEL

    Thanks all for the replies! I bottle and I'm comapring to bottles of home brew and micro. aj, So you are saying that a protein rest is a good idea if I want to get this "proper" carbonation? I've realized that I need to do some more reading. If you have any links explaining the effects of...
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    co2 solubility factors, I WANT MOUTHFEEL

    I want to know why some beers go flat right away and some don't. When they go instantly flat (such in my beer) you get no mouth feel or watery texture. I came to a conclusion that there are factors beyond ABV,pressure,temperature etc.. that affect the solubility of co2. (probably proteins...
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    Bear Republic Racer 5

    Yea no harm in trying..your probably right
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    Closed-system pressurized fermentation technique!

    so I'm hearing 2 weeks and an IPA 7% is ready with this technique.. So does this taste better than a bucket fementor or is just faster? also..Do hops also taste better using this technique as in... does it taste like I just added 1 more oz of hops or does it also give a better flavor profile...
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    Interesting FG reading... need interpretation

    well fermentables are fementables...your just gonna make your priming unpredictable using that strategy... ppl here will ask for mash temp and grain before they can answer that question.
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    Bear Republic Racer 5

    its like in the middle of wlp001 or wlp051 (or clean ferment wlp051).. its going to be a "proprietary" yeast they wont voluntarily give it to you lol. But yea all bear republic beer is unfiltered..thank god
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    why does fermentng under pressure or under hydrostatic pressure does yeast produce..

    so if i may sum it up Pressure goes up...O2 Solubility goes up...Synthesis of Fatty acids goes up...esters can no longer form without fatty acids... I don't have time to study the science but I think your answers pretty clear Thanks
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    why does fermentng under pressure or under hydrostatic pressure does yeast produce..

    Thanks I also found this..what do you guys think? More significantly, good mixing increases the suspended yeast count and this results in high fermentation rates and enhanced yeast growth. Increases in biomass yields are associated with greater utilisation of wort nitrogen, elevated levels of...
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    why does fermentng under pressure or under hydrostatic pressure does yeast produce..

    less ethers and phenols? Any Biochem or Organic chemist with an education want to clear this up? if you are not educated please give me sources does not necessarily have to be online it can be text I can buy etc.. another question relevant Why can stone brewing company ferment their...
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    some 245 ibu ipa feedback

    i'd do it if financially you can afford it or you rarely get to brew I'd rather have hops in my beer than old hops in my fridge... gogogo just get ready for the must squeez out the hop juice out the sludge not for wort but for hop juice again.. also brew like 2 gallons over...
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    anyone got a Black Hart North Coast Brewing clone?

    i think it was discontinued...not at tj's anymore.. lame part is that this was only dark beer I really liked dont know why... Can anyone dream a recipe so I can make something like it this winter?
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    How long do YOU let your yeast starters ferment?

    18 hours...the guy from wyeast is wearing a scrub hes definatley reputable and knows what hes talking about ;) seriously 18 hours i forgot who persuaded me prolly jamil or something
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    lowest temp with wlp051

    just wondering in regards to wlp051 whats lowest temp you fermented at and what flavor profile was produced? I've heard of other ale yeast like nottingham ferment at like 62 or even less btw i use wlp051 because I like a very slight fruity flavor
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    Recipe for a Warrior-heavy IPA (suggestions please)

    dude do it, ive been wanting to make an all warrior ipa.. its the most bitter hop imo... the only reason i haven't is that hops direct didn't have it and im not willing to pay 3 bux an ounce at home brew mart.. JUST DO IT, DO IT!
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    Flame out hops, strategy..Chill fast vs Chill slow(steep)

    what samc said...I have not brewed long enough (only 1 year) or have the skillz yet to repeat and take notes like he says... We lack a controlled experiment with certified tasters or ppl with palet to do the work. btw this beer is prolly best beer ive made. I made small changes like warior...
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    best year for wine in the last century was 1997 as x year was best year for hop growi

    Thanks for replies.. GVH I do not consider myself with highly refined taste buds but a great memory of what things tasted like. Yooper I have not had the experience you mention but if you ever read my first posts I talked about how bear republic's hops changed from 2008 hops to 2009. I...