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    Lawrence, KS water chemistry

    Can someone help understand my water report in lawrence, KS. I know it has chloramine, which I can remove with Camden tablets. But it is the mineral content I'm not sure if it's good to use for brewing Ales, IPAs etc.
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    The most ingonrant thing you have EVER heard about Hombrewing or hombrewing technique

    Ok so we have The stupidest comment on your beer thread The Worst beer you ever had thread and The best commercial beer you have...
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    Top-up question with a twist

    Hey HBT happy holidays to y'ou all first of all will be brewing the weekend after TG. So I haven't seen any threads on this so I have a question. I do partial boils in a three gallon pot. So I boil about 2.5 GAL of water add my extract and boil for 60 min, So I want to know after...
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    Starsan after almost a year

    Hey guys Well it's been a year since my last brew and since my last post on HBT, stuff came up didn't have the cash flow for ingredients/kits (newbie). Anyway so...I have a 5gal Carboy with which is about 3/4 full of last years starsan solution, I am going to throw it down the drain as I...
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    I'm going to wait on this beer, hopefully it will improve

    So I finished bottling an English Bitter this last week from Midwest Supplies. Primed and bottled according to the recipe. Just tasted a bottle to see how it was going to taste. and so far not impressed. It tastes of the plastic it fermented in. It is no where finished carbing and I know...
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    Simcoe IPA

    Does anyone know of some good commercial Simcoe/amarillo IPA's. Preferably from a coloardo brewery. Just interested to try one
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    So just had my first glass of Duvel. Pretty impressed with it. How do they get the head to be so creamy, it's almost like a head of a nitro. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas.
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    Best Commercial Beer You've Ever Had

    I know there is a thread for worst Commercial beer ever But what about the best I'd have to say O'dells Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout is by far the best beer I have ever had.
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    So how weird is this

    So I'm drinking my Beer and my belches taste like burnt rubber. is something wrong with my beer, I don't taste the burn't rubber on the way down!!
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    First Brew

    Well first brew turned out pretty good, been carbing for nearly three weeks and it's damn good. a little more hoppy than I was expecting for a nut brown albeit I did used hopped extract.
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    Imperial Apple Cider

    Ok So I've done some research and searched HBT for this and look at Ed's Apfelwein. I want to make a Cider for christmas but want it high in alcohol and ageable. Recipe 5 1 gal jugs of Louisburg Pastuerized Cider White Labs champagne yeast Now I know I'm going to boost the...
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    Missed FG

    So can anyone give some reason why you might miss your FG.
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    So i think my beer is screwed

    So, I was checking my beer after being in the fermenter for a week and nitoced something. I guess i'll start by explaining last week I noticed my airlock wasn't bubbling away. Checked the SG and it was 1.022. My reading on Fridayand thought I read it as 1.016 (great I thought 4 more points...
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    Cannot decide what to brew next

    So I will be bottling my first homebrew next week and want to to start thinking about what to brew next I am thinking maybe a wheat or possibly a big beer like a RIS or a Hop Czar Clone of some sort. it will be the second batch and I have a secondary fermenter as of yet unused.
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    stuck fermentation, worried about brew

    So I checked my beer today and the airlock isn't "farting" away like it was over the weekend. so took a sample SG is lower and I believe it will continue to ferment but I tasted it and it tastes really watery. here's the original thread about my brewing so far...
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    Wondering if anyone has ever used or seen the need for using artemisia Abisinthium in their brewing projects.
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    first brew started

    Well it was a little hairy but my nut brown ale is in my fermentor in my basement. No airlock activity yet but it's only been 3 hours since I dumped it into the bucket. wasn't a total cluster, Managed to avoid a boilover but definitely will be investing in a turkey fry setup. airlock...
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    Free State Ad Astra

    If you know what beer I am talking about. what style do you classify it under. It's not an amber as far I can tell. Is it a Brown ale?? any input would be appreciated
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    Brewing Math

    Probably should be in the brewing sciences thread but anyway just wondered if anyone had any helpful math to help aspiring brewers. The one I don't know and have looked in Palmer's and Papazian's books is hoew to convert a recipe using DME into LME.
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    Quick question

    I'm about to start brewing next week (hopefully) have a 20 minute boil kit on order from Midwest. What do people think about these or should I just got straight into a specialty grain kit being that they r roughly the same price. Also what kits do people prefer, Austin Homebrewing or Midwest...