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    Victoria Mill... Will this work?

    Why are you bothering with cleaning your mill at all? All that's there is residual husk, grain debris, etc. Unless it got heinously filthy and gummed up (which mine has not done in 3 years of use), I just don't see the point. Remember, everything you do with your mill is pre-boil, so...
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    Fermentation Temperature... how long?

    IMO, don't cold crash for at least a couple (2-3 weeks) in primary at fermentation temps...yeast dependent conditioning/cleanup is going to proceed faster at those temps. one other thing to consider, though not typically an issue with's not a bad idea to ramp your temp up to the...
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    branching out with new yeast

    us-05 is technically the same yeast, but will not give you the same ester profile as 1056/wlp001. i personally find the latter to be cleaner, though lots of people are just as happy with 05. ymmv. try all of them and see what you think.
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    Victoria Mill... Will this work?

    they work fine...a little finagling to get the plates parallel and you're golden. no matter if you're talking a couple of pounds or a dozen.
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    Grain Absorption: unheard of amount?

    it would seem likely that there was a measurement error somewhere, either weighing grain or, more likely, you used more water than you intended. dough balls, unground grain, etc....i'd only consider those if you ALSO got substantially lower efficiency than typical for your system.
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    Aeration after pitching yeast (Question)

    still not likely to be an issue. if the yeast have produced enough CO2 to fill the headspace, it's a complete non-issue. If they haven't started yet, you're just aerating and helping them to divide. If somewhere in between, you may get increased diacetyl, but the yeast will clean up in time...
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    Stats on Muntons LME Light

    Stats are on Munton's website:
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    Servomyces in starter?

    thanks....I've read that and probably most other Servomyces threads on here already, but my question is pretty specific and a departure from conventional Servomyces use. i really didn't expect too many responses with regard to practical experience, just wondering if there are any inherent...
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    Rogue Chocolate Stout Clone (Attempt)

    thanks. i've got a pale i'll be kegging in 2 weeks that i did this on (though only for 15 min) and am looking forward to seeing if it helped. i use an immersion chiller and what i did was run it for 2-3 minutes, turned it off, dropped in hops and let them sit for 15.
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    Rogue Chocolate Stout Clone (Attempt)

    i recommend listening to the show, but (for quick reference) the recipe is posted on hbt, here: note that although it's indicated as "not cloned", i have brewed it 3 times and find it nearly indistinguishable...
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    Stuck Starter

    in your exact situation, i don't really know...i've had several month past expiration WL vials take 3+ days to show activity on a stir plate in less wort than you pitched into. off the top of my head, i'd give it a week, keeping it at 70-75F and shaking to aerate as often as practical. do...
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    Stuck Starter

    IMO, from what you described, you are probably dealing with a very small population of viable yeast. Those that were still alive would likely be quite stressed from the high ABV of that beer (it's a quad, no?) You probably would have been better off pitching into a much smaller volume of...
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    Did a MO Fuggles SMaSH today

    A good question....I'm not sure I have the definitive answer, but here are my thoughts. If your mash temp was 148F, the yeast you're using isn't really going to help increase the body of the beer. Body comes from the dextrins that result from employing higher mash temps. But WLP002 is...
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    Rogue Chocolate Stout Clone (Attempt)

    IIRC, isn't Rogue Chocolate Stout just Shakespeare Stout with some chocolate added?? If so, I think you should be using more like 1.25# chocolate and the same amount for the 120L crystal.
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    your local LBS lb prices

    2-row - .70/# (55# bag) specialty - most at 1.50-1.70/# Hops - most are $1.30-1.60/oz
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    Blew my lid but didn't re clean the lid

    it's probably too late either way, but you're likely fine. but, more info would help...did it pop completely off and land in a pile of dog s#*t or did it just pop off on one side?
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    Servomyces in starter?

    I just finished reading Chris White's book, "Yeast" and have been looking into zinc supplementation for yeast growth/metabolism. Sounds like using Servomyces is perhaps the best way to go, except for the expense. In "How to Brew", Palmer states..."Zinc acts as a catalyst and tends to carry...
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    Wyeast Strain similar to SafAle English Ale S-04

    it is supposed to be the whitbread strain. although i've not used 1099, i can tell you that the handful of times i've used S-04, my attenuation has been 80-81% (154F mashes), whereas with wlp002/wyeast 1968 in the same wort profile, i would usually get 72-75%.
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    Why do i keep getting Yeast Volcanos?

    it will help with some strains, but not others. from the description, i personally suspect it probably wouldn't do much with this strain.
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    When to dry hop this batch?

    no, keep it simple and minimize transfers. the potential for introducing oxygen with all of those transfers outweighs any potential benefits. your best bet, IMO, is to just wait out the fermentation and dryhop in your primary. the only downside is that you will have a lot of hop residue in...