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    Am I out of CO2?

    I think I am even though my gauge says I am half full. When I set the pressure to 25 psi (force carbing) and turn on the valve, it only goes up to 10 psi and I no longer hear any gas flowing. I think my gauge is broken. I shut it all down and reset everything, and I cannot even get it to set...
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    Mixing beers = pleasant results. Anyone else?

    I'm just getting home with a six pack of IPA that is warm (Trader beer cooler). I bought it to try for tomorrow night (Friday), and got to thinking: "Damn...I want to have one now, but do not want to wait for 30 mins in the freezer", so I see that I have some 24 oz cans of Bud Light...
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    Conical question

    I am thinking of getting a stainless conical, and was wondering if something would work. If I use a 12 gallon fermenter and only put 5 gallons in it, is it okay? Also....the same question but with a different scenario: I currently brew 5 gallon batches, but have a 15 gal kettle. I was...
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    Everett, WA area stuff

    Selling my March 809 pump...from More Beer. Used once with water to test it...never used after that. Has 110v plug and brass outlets with hoses. 75.00 plus shipping (shipping is 10.70 for priority box rate). And if in the area I have a 10 g igloo mash tun with CPVC manifold, a CPVC sparge...
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    Banjo cooker in the wood brewhouse question

    I'm getting close to having my brewhouse liberated from the "shed" title that it once served as, and had this idea....(brief visual of the brewhouse: approx 75 sq ft trapeziod shape, 2x4 stud framing with OSP panel walls inside and pre-fab siding panels out...regular tar shingle roof) In one...
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    An observation / question

    I have broken my streak of not posting all winter long with this little tidbit: I gave the Sam Adams Noble Pils a try, as I am always on the hunt for a good CAP, and I see on the label in the bottom left area is the word "lager". Then on the upper left area it says "Ale in TX". Is there a...
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    how long can a keg last?

    can a half barrel last a couple months in a kegerator possibly before going bad? Seems like it is a long time to me. I've personally never had one last more than a week before being empty (with help...of course). Thanks!
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    Hello! First brew of the season yesterday!!

    :tank: I just wanted to say hello to y'all...I has been since november since I've brewed and have lurked a couple of times since. But now it is Brewin' season for me. 9 1/2 months of brewing pleasure. Although I think that over the summer, I will finish my Brewshed and be able to brew all...
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    is there such thing/good non alcohol recipe??

    I have a friend who loves my beer, but cannot have alcohol any longer. I was wondering if there is such a thing, as every NA beer I've ever tried was lame. I also noticed that they are all lager style NA' it possible to make a NA IPA or hefe? Thanks...:confused:
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    How does a beer gun work?

    Kind of a newb question...Is this how I get my kegged beer into bottles w/o going flat? A counter pressure type thing? THanks!! P.S. I tried search and didn't find anything
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    Recipe critique

    I've got the Brewhaus all set up and my gear is working great, now I don't have the time to do an AG batch for a while....but I gotsta brew! So, I'm going extract with a wheat beer to get thru these hard times. Plus I like wheats and haven't done one in about 20 months, soooooooooo.... How...
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    Keg fridge died...questions arised.

    My keg fridge died 3 days ago and I just had put a keg in there under pressure to force carb it. I can't get a new one until tomorrow night. I've had blocks of ice in there to keep it cool, but it has only gotten down to about 50 f. I've adjusted the pressure to reflect the new temp. When I get...
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    Can a 4 cu ft dorm fridge hold a corny?

    and a 5lb co2 bottle? Got a chance to get one here in the next hr and I don't know the stats.
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    Not a label, but I made a webpage!!

    I'm not really very net savvy, so I'm happy this worked. It's my first webpage, and my first stab at getting some brewey info visible. I bought a domain name and now have to figure out how to link that to my webpage...if I can. Anyway, what do you think?? Remember, it's my first time..:o...
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    Set it and forget it force carb question

    I've been reading some of the older posts on kegging w/ force carbing, and I'm really liking the set it and forget it idea. I've had my Blond ale in the secondary for a couple of weeks and am getting ready to keg it ) 1st time kegging). My question I set to (around 15 psi according to...
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    Fusel oils and closed fermentation question.

    I read in Papazian's book that the best way to remove fusel oils in the krausen is to use a blow off tube and let it purge itself out. I use closed buckets and airlocks. Will the blowoff tube and carboy method improve my beers by expelling these oils?, or is the closed method I'm employing now...
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    How long will beer last from keg to bottle?

    If I put it into ez-top (grolsch type) bottle, and refrigerate, how long will it stay carb'd? Thanks!
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    Seeking opinions - (kegging)

    I've got a couple hundred bucks in paypal, and it is earmarked for brewing equipment. I currently have a AG set up and still dabble in the extracts if I don't have the time to do an AG batch. Anyway, I don't know what to get first. I am thinking about a cheap conical, i.e. Minibrew 6.5 gal, or...
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    DMS question...

    So I saw a recent thread about DMS concerns and thought I might ask for some input on my latest brew. I'm attempting my first lager and using the WLP2112 CA common yeast and kinda cheating at a lager as of the warm fermenting range ( why I am doing it in the first place ). I did an AG full boil...
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    Adding fruit to secondary.

    I've got an AG batch of Ed Wort's pale ale in the secondary and it has been there for 2 weeks and progressing nicely, however I am considering adding fruit to it and going another 2 weeks before racking and bottling. Is this a good idea at this point or have I missed the window? Thanks!