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  1. Mattbastard

    Smokey Dry Stout?

    I put this on the NB forum because it's really buggin' me and I want to put out a couple feelers for more coverage. 6# Rahr 2-row 1# Flaked Barley .5# Chocolate malt .5# Roasted Barley .8oz NB 10.4% at 60 min 1pk rehydrated US-05 Pretty standard recipe, right? Well, it's been out of...
  2. Mattbastard

    Kitchen fridge friendly keg system

    I bought that 2.5 gal corny kit Williams brewing sells from a friend and made some changes. First, I force carbed this beer. Then tossed the picnic tap, attached 5' of beer line, and attached a rebuilt tap I got from my craigslist score of kegging equipment. The base is built out of 3/4"...