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    R.W. Knudsen Black Cherry Concentrate

    Has anyone ever used this stuff before? I put two 8oz. Bottles into 5 gallons of a very light cream ale. I'm not sure if that'll be enough or not. Any insight would be appreciated! Each bottle is supposed to be equal to 2lbs of fruit.
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    R.W. Knudsen Black Cherry Concentrate

    Has anyone ever used this stuff before? I put two 8oz. Bottles into 5 gallons of a very light cream ale. I'm not sure if that'll be enough or not. Any insight would be appreciated!
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    Awesome Find at the Grocery Store

    I just got back from Albertsons and I hit the BEST beer sale! I got 15 22oz beers for $36! H24 IPA, Stone Smoked Porter, Widmer Black IPA, Maudite, Shipyard XXXX IPA, etc. These beers are at least $5 each or more normally, but they were marked down to either $2 or $3.50 each. I bought all they...
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    Teel 1P898 Pump?

    I was given this pump, a Teel 1P898, and the 1/2 HP motor that runs the pump. I know that it is food safe and that it can handle boiling temps, but I cannot find any info on it online. Does anyone have any experience with this type of pump or can anyone point me in a direction to search? It...
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    25th annual southern california regional homebrew championship

    This was held at the Main Street Brewery in Corona, CA this past weekend. I submitted two beers, an American Wheat and an IPA. I took 3rd for my IPA. :rockin:
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    Hangar 24 Homebrew Competition

    I entered 5 beers into the comp, hoping to at least place...I won a gold for the Light Hybrid Category with my Cream Ale! So stoked!!! This is my first medal in competition. :rockin:
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    I need help from a Beer Judge!!!

    I'm going to be entering a competition today and I need to know where to enter a particular beer. I have a sweet stout that I added vanilla and coffee to. The coffee blends well with the roastness of the roasted barley and the vanilla notes are there, but not overpowering. Should I enter...
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    How big of a starter?

    I'll be brewing 10 gallons of brown porter this weekend, with a target OG of 1.051. This will be split into two different fermenters. I have a 2000ml flask for the starter and also a few half gallon growlers that I can use for starters as well. Can I just make a 2L starter and dump half in...
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    Live in CA or CO? Get a free pint of Guiness!

    Check it out! Guinness Believer
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    Free Stella Chalice-Just call and they'll ship it!

    Stella Artois | She is a Thing of Beauty
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    15G Aluminum Brew Pot

    I received a 15G aluminum pot as a gift. It is 1/4" thick aluminum and it looks like it is "spun" as the there are concentric lines wrapping around the entire pot/lid (inside and out). I have a ball valve that I want to install on this, but haven't installed one ever before. I saw a thread...
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    Older Hops?

    Are hops from the 2009 harvest still good? Do they lose viability?
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    Astringency Issues

    I just had multiple beers reviewed by a fellow homebrewer who noted that 3 out of 4 all had the same astringency issue. :o Does anyone have any insight on this? I've done a little reading and found that a high concentration of bicarbonates in my water can lead to this. My city water report...
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    Bayou Burner SP10 or SQ14?

    Which would you recommend and why?
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    Hi Temp O Rings?

    Will these work? It says they're rated to 450F. My wife works at Grainger so I get 30% discount on everything. :ban:
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    Lead Free Brass?

    I bought some "lead free" brass valves, nipples, etc. from HD the other day. Do I still need to soak them in the Hydrogen peroxide mixture before using them?
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    Please Critique my American Brown Ale Recipe

    I'm going for a chocolaty brown ale here. OG: 1.059 Est. FG: 1.015 IBU: 30.5 SRM: 26.3 American Brown Ale 10.00 lbs. American Pale 12.00 oz. Crystal 75L 10.00 oz. Chocolate Malt 4.00 oz. Honey Malt 0.50 oz. Magnum @ 60 min (14.1 AA) 1.00 oz. Cascade @ 15 min (6.4AA) 5.2...
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    Lemon Zest

    I was cooking tonight and needed lemon zest for the recipe. I was drinking an IPA while chopping stuff up. I decided to add a little zest to the IPA and it was freaking GREAT! Anybody ever used lemon zest before? When should it be added? Any insight?
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    Freezing Grains?

    I'll be buying a 50# sack of grains soon (SWMBO just bought me a Barley Crusher), and I was wondering if I should freeze or refrigerate the grains to keep them fresher longer. The grain will be unmilled until brewing time. Let me know your thoughts on this.
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    Yet Another Portable Kegerator

    I know that others have made them like this, and I admit that I used some ideas, but I wanted to show mine off too. :rockin: [/IMG] I cut the top out with a jigsaw and then cleaned it up with a dremel. The lid was hollow so I used spray foam to insulate. [/IMG] Finally I spray painted...