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    No Pellicle= no sour?

    About 4-5 months ago I pitched wlp655 into a batch of beer. It finished fermenting in a couple weeks, so I transfered into secondary. Since then, I have not had any pellicle formation. My basement where I have the carboys usually stays around 62-65 degs in the winter. Should I move them...
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    First real sour

    Hey all. I finally have time and room to do a real sour (have done sour mash berliners in the past) and want your guys opinion on my recipe and procedure. Here is the recipe and plans: 5g batch 8lbs pale malt 2lbs flaked rye 8oz turbinado sugar 4.0 black barley 1oz willamette...
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    Fruit (strawberry) addition

    Sunday, I am making a Hop Berry beer semi-based off the DFH April Hop and I am wondering how the addition of the strawberries to the beer will effect the outcome. I am abiding by the general fruit rule of adding 10#s of strawberries (from my garden) to my 10g batch after primary fermentation...
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    Blichmann vs morebeer conical

    Thanks to my kind family and friends through christmas and birthday gifts, I recieved enough money to buy a basic 14g conical fermenter. My only problem is deciding which one to buy. Im looking to, over time, add on such things as legs and a heating and cooling system. Anyone have any...
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    Expired dry yeast.

    I have 3 packages of Notty that expired on 6/11. I have plans to make an 11g batch of English bitter (OG 1.04) and I have all the ingredients on hand except for fresh yeast. Has anyone used slightly expired dry yeast without problems? I was thinking I could pitch all 3 packages, but have...
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    Diacetyl rest too early?

    "Re-posting here. Might have had the wrong forum." I brewed my second lager a couple weeks ago (A Munich Helles using wlp833). My first lager had a bit of diacetyl left in it, so I made sure that didn't happen this time, except I might have pulled it out of refridgeration too early! I...
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    D-rest too early?

    I brewed my second lager a couple weeks ago (A Munich Helles using wlp833). My first lager had a bit of diacetyl left in it, so I made sure that didn't happen this time, except I might have pulled it out of refridgeration too early! I pitched arount 60 degs and set the fermenter in a chest...
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    So I decided to make a Munich Helles and it has been fermenting for a week now, so I deciced to diacetle rest it. I didn't realize it would take this long. :ban:
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    Ancho and Cocoa recipe

    Im brewing a Semi-dogfish head Theobroma clone and would like some feedback on the recipe. I am not going for the full out clone, but would like some of the same flavors in the profile. Here is the recipe and tell me what you think i might adjust. Type: All Grain Batch Size: 11.00 gal...
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    Oak chips in secondary

    I made a 10g batch of pumpkin ale a month ago and I have 5g of it still in secondary. Today, I was thinking of switching it up a little bit and throw some bourbon soaked oak chips in there for fun. Anyone have any suggestions on how many chips i should use and for how long I should keep the...
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    Scorching mash with new system

    I recently bought a 3 keggle system from a buddy of mine and I have been getting some scorching on the bottom while raising the temp during the mash. The false bottom that came with the set up is basically a 12" flimsy screen mesh bordered with plastic hose to seal the sides. It seemed to work...
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    scorched mash

    I just bought a 3 keggle pump system from my buddy and made my first 10g batch a couple weeks ago. While i was raising the mash temp for mash out, I didn't realize i needed to constantly stir the mash and ended up scorching it. I was hoping for the best even though there was a nice sized...
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    bottles not carbonated

    I brewed my first big beer a few months ago (10% abv) and it has been in the bottle for over a month. I crashed cooled before bottling but did not add any extra yeast. I checked a bottle again today and I still do not have much carbonation. There are some visual bubbles and a hiss when I pop...
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    How to tell Co2 tank size

    I recently bought a 10# CO2 tank from e-bay and I believe they guy advertised the wrong size (I think its 5#). Is there a way for me to tell whether it is a 5# or 10# tank? Do each of them usually have certain dimension? I would like to be 100% sure before I give the guy a negative rating.
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    soon to be newbie kegger

    Well, I just purchased 2 used kegs from Midwest. Saw they were pretty cheap, so I asked the swmbo for her permission and made the order. Since I am dreading bottling my two 5 gallon batches tomorrow....the kegs can't come soon enough! Now I just need to make a kegorator........
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    should I repitch more yeast?

    I was about to bottle my Belgian Saison tonight and noticed my gravity reading was 1.021. I was hoping to get more attenuation, so I was wondering if I should pitch more yeast to finish it off. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it back to the LHBS any time soon, so I will have to use what...
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    Tighten your hoseclamps!!!!

    I have been waiting for a month to brew a Saison. Finally the weather started to warm and I got a day off work. It was time to brew it! Besides the 2 hour wait for Firestone to change the oil in my truck, the day started off great. I hit my mash temps on the button, no stuck sparges and...
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    Wheat crush Q

    In a couple days, I'm gonna give EdWort's Hefeweizen a go. I have not brewed with wheat malt yet and was wondering about the crush. Should I adjust my Malt mill for a finer crush for the wheat? Also, do I add the rice hulls directly into the mash, or do I crush them as well?
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    distilled water vs. purified water

    Ive been hearing that putting ones sanitizing agent, whether it be One-Step or Star-san, in a bottle with distilled water will help it last a lot longer. My wife went to the store and I asked her to pick up a jug of distilled water, but all they had available was "purified". Anyone know the...
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    Possible bottle bombs

    So, I bottled my first batch of Apfelwein last night, but had some problems. I started the auto-siphon into the bottling bucket and had a good stream going. With about a gallon of wine left in the fermenter, the stream suction stopped and couldn't, for the life of me, get it started again. I...