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    Black soot problem

    Sounds like you don't have enough pressure on your burner. That is, enough pressure to get a blue flame. Your flame sounds like it is basic all orange. Also, adjust the metal opening in the back of the burner to let more air in. Put a 0-30 psi regulator on the line and crank in about 10-11...
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    First brew on new stand - overall good but a few issues...

    I have a single tier. I'm gonna nix the dough-in with recirc off idea. (for me) Only because the temp sensor I have has to have wort flow over it to sense. If the recirc is off the temp senses low and turns on my burner thus raising my mash temp. thru the roof. I second: 1.coarser mash 2.two...
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    New Brutus with mods

    B, I still can't wait to see your system in person. Your efficiency sure is low for what you built. 1.25 quarts/lb is what I use and then 2 quarts/lb for sparge water amount. Your system should have around 2 qts of dead space max. To get your efficiency up, try mixing/stirring the mash every...
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    trouble with 30psi propane regulator

    I'd take that regulator back and get an adjustable one. Then you'll be set. Sorry for all of the adjusting this and that. I was just fine tuning. It's simpler than described. Good luck with a fix. Again, buy a 0-30 psi adjustable regulator and never look back!!!! Snake10
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    trouble with 30psi propane regulator

    My guess is that you haven't cranked in enough pressure. I'm assuming it is adjustable. Go back, crank in a few turns and try again. I have 3 on one and start out with 11 cranks. Then go back and tweek as needed. Also, like the post above. Shut everything down, close the propane bottle valve...
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    heat source for fermentation fridge?

    For fermentation the cooling part for a Love controller is the easy part, heating is the hard part. My recommendation is go to the cheap EBAY aquarium temp build thread, order and build yourself this device. It specifically allows you to plug your chest freezer in one plug for cooling, then in...
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    Blue Moon Clone

    Wayne1, Thanks, I'm going with the wit. My orange flavor has subsided a bit. My wife is begging me to brew this again. Ill post results again. awesome recipe to say the least. Snake10
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    Blue Moon Clone

    If you were to enter this in a competition, what category would this beer be in? I'm going on month 2 of this beer and it's really good. snake10
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    Throwing stir bars?

    I would say just raise your fan/magnets up putting them closer to the bottom of the flask/ stir bar. Mine are very close to the underside of the cover, which puts it less than a 1/4 in away from the Flask. Snake10
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    Blue Moon Clone

    Wayne1, I will most definitely get some oats next time. I did use some rice hulls and my mash recirculated and sparged like a dream. My efficiency was huge, 88% vice the 80 percent I based my recipe on. Thanks for all of your input on this thread. No doubt this would have tasted terrible had it...
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    Blue Moon Clone

    This thread is awesome. I have read the whole thread and by the end, I just had to brew this beer. My neighbors and friends Thank you very much. I put the ingredients from Wayne1's original clone recipe with some t'weeks into action. Since Wayne1's recipe was white, I added carmel 20 (1 pound...
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    Bowie Bottler

    I sent a PM to him, got a quick response, and had it hand in 5 days. I have used it to fill some growlers and a few bottles so far. It works as advertised. I haven't dialed it in just yet on the pressure side. I still make a mess. Plus, I'm trying to use a stopper with a needle ball filler stuck...
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    Propane...Low Pressure, high pressure, orifices? What does it all mean?

    +1 for the 2w160 solenoid valves, those are what I use. Absolutely satisfied. Price has gone up and I have seen guys using the valves from . I may use them for my next Brutus build. I use a 0-30 psi regulator at the propane bottle with high pressure BG-14's. HLT and Boil...
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    My HERMS Brutus Clone

    Thanks for the burner pics! Awesome awesome build. As far as a plate chiller, your on the right track. I have a 30 plate chiller but would love to have a 40 plate or more. The Blichmann is a 40 plate chiller. With that in mind, I have since built an immersion chiller (1/2 inch id) which I pair...
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    My new brew system, a brutus 10 with some nice modifications

    I recommend the keep it simple method, just run pipe. snake10
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    My HERMS Brutus Clone

    While your taking pics, any chance of showing me what your kettles are sitting on. Your kettle supports? Thanks Snake10
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    My HERMS Brutus Clone

    Thanks for posting, that is beautiful! How smooth is your brewday? Tri-clovers everywhere, very niiice. snake10
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    DIY or purchase kegerator

    Use craigslist. If your a diy'er you can find a chest freezer for cheap. Temp controller from . Or, you may find a deal on a used kegerator. I found a stainless perlick, 4 keg, 4 tap 120inch monster for 250 bucks. No need to buy any of this stuff new. The wife usually tells the...
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    Black IPA Recipe...need your input.

    Let us know how this turns out. Black IPA's are getting to be my new thing at my house. Plus show us a picture. Snake10