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    End of the world supply

    My homebrew supply in SWFL hinted about shutting down earlier this week. I said NO until i could get a good supply of goods in for the long haul. I don't mind making recipies on the fly if i have to, but I want some brews planned before the shutdown. I will go stir crazy if do not have any...
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    Over attenuation

    I don't think this is over attenuated for a Kolsch at all. I strive to get attenuation like this in styles such as Kolsch, Pilsners and Saisons. A low mash temp like 149 will give you a well attenuated beer. I usually mash my Kolsch at 145.
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    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy Round 40!

    If you decide on 3 pallets: 1 Great Western 2-row 1 Canada Malting Superior Pils 1 Canada Malting Superior Pale
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    No Pellicle= no sour?

    Sounds good. Thx for the advise guys!
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    No Pellicle= no sour?

    So i guess no oxygen is a good thing at this point? Pacients hasnt been an issue so far. I am just wondering if the temp might be too cold for the bugs to do their job properly.
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    No Pellicle= no sour?

    About 4-5 months ago I pitched wlp655 into a batch of beer. It finished fermenting in a couple weeks, so I transfered into secondary. Since then, I have not had any pellicle formation. My basement where I have the carboys usually stays around 62-65 degs in the winter. Should I move them...
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    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy Round 39!

    -2 CM Superior Pils -1 CM Superior Pale -1 CM Wheat Thanks!
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    First real sour

    Thanks for the input, guys. I decided to order a vial of wlp 655. Im gonna do a 10g batch now and split it. The 655 will go in one batch and the sour in the rye in the other. Im gonna use C-120 instead of the black malt and I dropped my Hop addition to 0.5oz. One question, though. Does the...
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    First real sour

    The sugar addition was for the hell of it. Black barley is for color, but i might cut back on it a little so i dont get any flavor. Beersmith calculated the IBUs at 15, but i would assume they are less due to the age.
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    First real sour

    Hey all. I finally have time and room to do a real sour (have done sour mash berliners in the past) and want your guys opinion on my recipe and procedure. Here is the recipe and plans: 5g batch 8lbs pale malt 2lbs flaked rye 8oz turbinado sugar 4.0 black barley 1oz willamette...
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    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy... ROUND 35!

    My first jersey grain buy. Thanks for everything, Lodura!
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    Belma ipa

    A couple people in our home brew club tried this hop out. It basically has hardly any flavor nor aroma. They were complaining of the aroma dying as soon as it hit the hot wort. I got to try both a belgian blema and all belma IPA. Both seem to have a slight "pineapple" flavor, but nothing in...
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    Medieval Burnt Mead!

    A fellow chef of mine accidentally came up with a sauce after he over caramelized a honey reduction. He called it burnt honey Sriracha, which is amazingly delicious. I am definitely going to to try this with a gallon of alfalfa honey I bought a few days ago. Maybe I will just caramelize half...
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    Plastic vs. glass

    This is what I would do: Use plastic for primary fermentations. Also use plastic for secondaries that are used for a month or under. Use Glass if you are going to age a beer for more than two months.
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    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy... ROUND 35!

    1x CM-SPIL 1x CM-PALE 1x BD-MOPA Thanks!
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    How to make a Pumpkin Ale

    There are more complicated ways of making this, but ya, its that simple.
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    Belgian Tripel with way to high fg

    You probably did not pitch enough yeast, or your mash temp was higher then 154 deg. (can you double check your thermometer?) Also, can you list your recipe? Maybe you have too many modified malts? What yeast strain did you use? What size starter and what size batch of beer?
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    New brewers.Stop trying to doctor your beer !

    Whats the point in brewing if you can't add what you want to the beer? I mean, ya, if a new brewer posts about how awe full his beer turned out because of something crazy he did, well then you can tell him "I told ya so". I consider myself an experienced brewer and still add stuff that I...
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    Alferman Imperial Berliner Weisse

    When you pitch the yeast, do you oxygenate the beer at all? I would assume the bacteria would use most of the oxygen needed for the yeast to start?
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    WLP565 Belgian Saison Yeast in a Black Saison

    Do it! Use alot of simple sugars too! Dry that beer the hell out! This is the goal of a saison, utherwise, its just a plain old tripple :)