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  1. BillyA

    The Gingerman in downtown Dallas, TX.

    There's a Gingerman in Chicago by Wrigleyville. Love that place.
  2. BillyA

    Ranco, Love, or Johnson

    We use these in many different applications in the HVAC field and I can say I've never had to replace a Johnson or Honeywell. Don't see many Love or Ranco.
  3. BillyA

    Ranco, Love, or Johnson

    Johnson Controls......cause I work for em and also a stock holder.
  4. BillyA

    Pilot gas line for Brutus with natural gas?

    It's not good practice to use copper with natural gas. Find some aluminum tubing and compression fittings. The sulfur/egg smell the gas co. puts in w/ natural gas reacts with the copper and causes corrosion and flakes getting into orifices.
  5. BillyA

    How do YOU store bottles?

    I bought a ton of bottles from a lady getting out of brewing. She had them all stored in banker's boxes. They have handles and stack well.
  6. BillyA

    Looking for Brewpubs in Cleveland OH

    I'm in Cleveland all week(5/27-5/30) and would like to stop at a few different brewpubs. Any locals have any recommendations? Thanks
  7. BillyA

    Brewery names--what's your story?

    Just thought of mine while bsin at work the other day. Boil Order Brewery. What do ya think?
  8. BillyA

    Hop rhizome cloning?

    Thanks that answers it. Now nothing is stopping me from becoming a hop baron.
  9. BillyA

    Hop rhizome cloning?

    Can you make an additional rhizome from existing plant? Say dig up and cut an established rhizome in half to make more.
  10. BillyA

    MLB 08 The Show - WOW

    What's the best Xbox 360 baseball game?
  11. BillyA

    48 Qt Colman MLT Conversion

    Thanks for the post Gnome. Just finished mine. Ordering my grain mill tonight!
  12. BillyA

    Any one know why someone did this?(pics)

    I've been on search for stainless kegs to convert for my setup. A guy I work with talked to a beer truck driver and he said they had this in their shop for years. It looks like someone TIG welded a plate on it with a bunghole and wooden bung in it. The tap doesnt resemble anything I've seen...
  13. BillyA

    My HLT project

    Looks good man. The stools not so much.
  14. BillyA

    What hop strain have you had luck growing in the midwest?

    A guy from work and I are going to grow on some of his land here in Northwestern Illinois (Quad City Area). What types of hops have people had the best luck with and any tips with this climate/area. -Thanks
  15. BillyA

    Yeast Starter

    whats the rule of thumb on a starter? How much dme to water ratio? Got my first white labs tube and need to make a starter. thanks
  16. BillyA

    Label Removal Experiment Results

    Good to hear. I just got well over 200 bottles. I'm gonna need a 50 gallon drum and some oxiclean.
  17. BillyA

    do you still buy beer?

    I've found that when I go out I don't get the miller lite anymore. More fat tires and goose islands. Can't take my hb to the tavern with me. Also the local grocery store has where you can piece together your own 6pk from a pretty wide selection of micros.
  18. BillyA

    All grain

    sweet thanks
  19. BillyA

    All grain

    I'm starting to get equipment together to jump into all grain. What's the software I see guys using to get their strike water temps and what not?