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  1. fishnfever

    Massachusetts Big Mouth Bubbler 6.5 gal

    You are looking at a 6.5gallon plastic fermentor with carry strap, air lock and extra top. Used it once then changed over to smaller batches with a glass carboy. $40.00 firm for everything No Longer for sale. :mug:
  2. fishnfever

    Date code on safale us-05

    Hello gang, its been along time since I brewed a batch of ale. Getting back into it doing 3 gallon biab. I was wondering if any one could tell me how to read the date code on safale us-05? I know it has a date when to use it by but how do I tell when it was packaged. I wanted to use Mrmalty...
  3. fishnfever

    Massachusetts polar wave homebrew kettle

    looking to sell my polar wave 15 gallon stainless steel brew kettle. Comes with a stainless steel ball valve, stainless steel pick up tube, stainless steel false bottom (modified to fit around thermometer fitting), thermometer, sight glass (calibrated to 10 gallons) and a stainless steel lid...
  4. fishnfever

    Massachusetts 10 gallon megapot for sale (ebay)

    I'm selling my 10 gallon megapot on ebay.
  5. fishnfever

    Brew Your own subscription 1/2 price

    Just got my renewal card for two for one. This is for the Print and digital subscription. I will need your email that you want your digital copy to go to. Cost is $16.50 for one year.. I have pay-pal ready :) First come first serve!! First pm and payment gets it..
  6. fishnfever

    Help with extract amounts

    I have been looking at recipes that call for 7 pounds 0.4 ounces of pale liquid extract. My questions is this, Can I use 7 pounds of pale liquid extract and then just dme extract for the final 0.4 ounces? Thanks in advance!!
  7. fishnfever

    Please help with this IPA recipe

    I decided I was going to brew more recipes than kits in 2012. I want to brew up this recipe, Homebrewers Association | Beer Recipe of the Week: Hoppiness is an IPA I am doing all grain. I get any where from 73-76% efficiency on my system. Most time more towards the 73% When I put...
  8. fishnfever

    Another Brew your own 2 for 1 magazine offer

    I also did this last year and it worked out well for me and the other person. First to sent me a pm gets it. I will send you my pay-pal address VIA pm. Thanks
  9. fishnfever

    got my smack pack and its already swelled a bit

    My wyeast smack pack (3068) came fed-ex today. I opened the box immediately to put the yeast in the fridge. It was already swelled but I don't plan on brewing with this yeast for another couple of weeks. The yeast was between two ice packs (not really all that frozen or cold after 4 days...
  10. fishnfever

    C02 reg and misc. for sale.

    I am going threw some stuff that I just no longer have a use for. I would like to sell the whole package as one. I am asking $30.00 shipped for every thing in the picture ( not the cooler ). It is all used but in great working order. The reg is a tap rite and was used on my spare c02 tank to...
  11. fishnfever

    90 minute boils?

    I am going to be doing a pliny the elder kit I got from I need to do a 90 minute boil. I always start with 6.5 gallons of wort (pre-boil) and end with 5 gallons after a 60 minute boil. My question is, How should I handle a 90 minute boil? Do I just top off with some RO water...
  12. fishnfever

    Make a dual regulator into a single regulator set up

    I currently have a dual regulator set up and am going to install a manifold into my kegerator. I want to turn my dual regulator set up into a single set up. Is it as simple as removing one regulator from the set up and just install the high pressure gauge where the second regulator was? Any...
  13. fishnfever

    A couple of pilsner questions

    I brewed my first pilsner on 3/12 and took a peak at it in the basement (52degrees) and all looks well. I was thinking of transferring it to a carboy and let it age for a month down in the basement. However there is a good amount foam on top of the wort. Should I leave it for another week or two...
  14. fishnfever

    SIDE pickup - Weldless version drain / dip tube SS kit

    I purchased this from and when I was done with my project I decided I know longer needed it. They never replied to my e-mails to try and return it. You can read more about the product here...
  15. fishnfever

    Difference between Caramel 60 and 40?

    What is the difference between Caramel 60 and 40? Is it just a color thing? Thanks :mug:
  16. fishnfever

    Help with Beer Smith

    I have been using Beer Smith for well over a year now. Most recently I have noticed that every time I add a new recipe I see the previous recipe . I have to remove all previous info before I can add the new recipe. The old recipe is still kept in my recipe section. So it's not like I am over...
  17. fishnfever

    first time using a stir plate

    I just got my stir plate and 2 liter Erlenmeyer flask from Super fast shipping and will give more feed back ounce I use it. Any ways what is a good speed to run these thing at? Right now I only have it half full of water and after a couple of minutes the vortex...
  18. fishnfever

    Look what came in the mail for me today!!

    Sight glass kit from BobbyM ( Ball valve, bulk head and pick up tube kit from Now I need to get busy and drill my HLT out (stainless pot) Just wanted to share :ban:
  19. fishnfever

    Here is my newest label

    Not as fancy as some but it gets the job done. It is on the large side due to I mostly keg and use Clear 6"x4" magnetic picture frames that I stik to my kegerator.
  20. fishnfever

    Did I collect to much run off??

    I always collect enough run off to meet 6.5 gallons. Don't really check the run off gravity readings. Well today I turned to answer me phone and I collected 7 gallons instead of the typical 6.5. The gravity reading of the wort (pre-boil) was 1.047 just as beer smith stated it would be...