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    Stalled fermentation, increased temp, repitch?

    I'm at 3.5 weeks on a pale, OG 1.050, I got down to 1.018 at the three week mark which concerned me, now a few days later I'm creeping up to 1.021. I am using S05 and fermenting at 65F. I just increased the temp up to 68 and I'm going to monitor it for a few days. What are the opinions of...
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    Yeast Royalities

    When yeast is used for brewing and eventually sold, are royalties required to be paid? And if so, who would you pay them to?
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    Mouse defiled my mash tun

    Getting ready to brew, spraying everything down pre-cleaning, notice something a bit off with an odor around me brew equipment stash I have shelved in my garage. I leave the top of my Igloo cooler off and I pulled out the cooler to see a mouse (assuming) made a home in there. There was a pile of...
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    hop spare tire cover

    Upgraded to 2013 wrangler and I am searching for a *reasonably* priced spare tire cover with a hop on it I would absolutely love the hop grenade from BN if possible. Any tips?
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    Paint Strainer Flour Processing Nylon Filter Cloth

    I need something larger than a 5 gal paint strainer. I found this: Is this safe to boil? All that is listed is nylon which is the same as paint strainer I'm assuming? Thanks in advance.
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    IBU% of bittering hops in APA/IPA

    When designing a recipe with emphasis on late additions (15-5minutes) what %/IBU (not AA%) of bittering hops do you use at the 60min addition? I've been hitting a 60min IBU between 20-25% using columbus in my APA/IPAs. I'm getting wonderful hop flavor from the later additions but I want to...
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    Free water testing!

    I was walking out of Home Depot today and at the exit was a rack of envelopes with vials that says Free Water Testing. It looks like it covers the important stuff like minerals, hardness, pH.... I'm very curious to see with the report looks like. This is just a heads up, I have no idea if its...
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    Beer too dry

    Don't know if my taste buds are changing or something else is going on but my IPAs and APAs have been way too dry. Even after a good 8-10 weeks of age I still taste a good chunk of just alcohol and hops. I try to keep my crystal at 5-6%, I use crystal 60, 10% Munich II, I use S-05 and I...
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    Thrumometer use

    I searched didn't see this asked and answered. I starting using my Thrumometer and I'm not impressed. My flow was very very slow, it took me what felt like ten minutes to pump out 1 gal into my carboy with my chugger pump while the hot wort sat in my kettle. I opened up my flow valve and it...
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    I brewed an IPA kit, bittered with Columbus ( IIRC) simcoe and amarillo approx 3 additions 0.25 each if memory working? 5g kit. I'm thinking it was either AHS or Northern brewer as they are my go to suppliers. Really loved the beer, lost the recipe sheet. Sound familiar to anyone? I really...
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    Sort of Partial?

    Didn't really know how to search for this, sorry if it has been asked. I'm doing the AHS SN Celebration clone, but I want 10 gals. I can't fit all the grains in my tun, so I thought up a great plan of doing half (5 gal) in all grain, (5g) half in extract and boiling them together. Plan seems...
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    ^^ Anyone use them? I found them from this sites vendor list. Their website is funky, I was getting certificate warnings all over the place then eventually my browser refused to let me continue, I'm not gonna argue with my computer's security, I trust it a lot. Not really feeling the love to...
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    Potted Cascade, where to buy?

    One of my two cascade rhizomes didn't grow. Anyone know where I can find a potted cascade? I really wanted two plants growing and I'm not patient enough to wait until next year. Thanks in advance.
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    Canada Malting Superior Pale Ale Malt

    I brewed my SN celebration ale clone, but I used Canada Malting Superior Pale Ale Malt. This beer blew me away!!! To date, this is the best beer I have ever brewed and I want to attribute it to this grain. It was a complete random purchase for me, I saw it and did a "yeah what the heck" and...
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    German Yeast for an American Ale?

    I'm continuing on my quest for discovering different yeast profiles. I'm starting to appreciate the malt profile of Notty, but I'm not completely happy with it. Being lazy and not searching the wyeast site, what German yeast strains have you all used in American ales? I'm starting to see the...
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    Using snow to chill wort

    I live in the south towns of Buffalo NY, we get a lot of snow. Bottom line is I want to brew in the winter outside. I have a fear of making an ice rink using my present setup and I'm not fond of paying out settlement costs to the mailman with a broken hip. So I had this really cool idea...
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    Christmas Beer!!

    I want to prepare for Christmas, but I have no idea what to brew. I have pipeline plans for the typical heavy IPA (SN celebration clone), I have Ó Flannagáin Standard ingredients en route. I've been very conservative when it comes to christmas ales, I want to break that habit this year. Give...
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    Mash volume help

    I want to do a 10 gal IPA with 27#s of grains. Problem is I have a 10 gal igloo/round cooler. Doing the math using (1.3x27)/4 gives me 8.8 gals of water. I don't think this is going to fit nicely. If I go down to 1.2 or 1.1 qt/lb what adjustments do I need to make? I'm assuming its just...
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    Fermentation temp range for pales?

    I searched but I couldn't really find an answer. I basically use four strains of yeast, 05, 1056, 1272 and Notty. I've been fermenting all my pales at 62, and I'm pondering about moving it up to 65, but I Was worried about notty being that high. I'm wondering if 1272 might benefit from a...
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    Almost perfect brewday

    Yesterday was a perfect day, 88 degree sunny clear skies, first 10 AG batch using new kettle, new CFC and chugger pump set up. I've been running it through tests all week waiting for this day and not a drop of wort escaped through a leak in the system. My mash temp was dead on, my pre-boil...