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    Accidently dropped 3 inch tube in krausen

    Hi all, Just brewed a pliny clone yesterday and tried some american ale yeast that advertised double the 1056 cells.... decided to try it out so i didnt have to do a yeast starter...its been a few years since ive last brewed and i forgot the purpose of a blow off tube.... thus this morning the...
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    Tobacco/Burnt flavor in Robust Porter

    Looking to brew a Robust Porter and I've had several that give me this almost tobacco/burnt flavor that I absolutely love(greenman porter out of Asheville is an example). What malt would you recommend for this? My only guess is that black patent may be making that flavor since apparently it...
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    Belgian White, krausen still present after 2 weeks?

    Hello, I brewed a Belgian white two weeks ago and there is still heavy krausen floating at the top. I have been fermenting in the low 70's during the day, and it probably falls into the upper 60's over night. Should I just continue to wait this out? I've never had krausen not fall...
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    Creating your own Clone?

    So our homebrew club is doing a Highland Brewing Co. clone competition. I am going to clone their Oatmeal Porter. Normally when I do clones I usually find a recipe online, however this time I want to try and create it myself. They list on their website the following: Grains 2 Row...
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    Whole Leaf Hops at Flameout question.

    I used 2.5 oz of Simcoe whole leaf Hops at 0 minutes. My question is, Do I want to include the whole leaf hops when I transfer the wort to the fermenter? or should I filter the leafs out? Will it effect the aroma contriubtion if the whole leaf hops are not included?
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    Wine Making newb questions

    Hello all, Been brewing beer for a few years now and I want to try making a wine. Have a quick question. All the sites that explain the process always say to rack to Glass jugs(carboys). Can you just use plastic buckets like I do with beer?
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    Anyone have experience using bananas??

    So my latest brew a black IPA didn't turn out very good at all..... Didn't even turn out black lol So I decided I am going to brew again this weekend. My keggorator is starving for a good beer. I am going to make my hefewiezen, however I was thinking about secondarying on top of like 10...
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    Have a homebrew keg set up, What do I need to put commercial beers on tap?

    So i have a ball lock system setup for 5 gallon homebrew kegs. I want to get a commercial keg while I wait for my beers to ferment. My question is what kind of attachments do I need to purchase in order to put commercial beer on tap?? Thanks!
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    Kegging less than 5 gallons question

    I have about 4 and 1/2 gallons in my first keg. First question is will it take less time to carb up just right? or will that not make much of a difference. I was going to test it at 3 days and see if its carbed enough. Also, before I turn the PSI down to serving PSI do I need to relieve any...
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    Possible Leak?

    So I just finished kegging my first beer!! I have the PSI set to 20. I checked on it about 20 minutes into carbonating and the PSI guage has dropped to around 19-18. Could I potentially have a leak somewhere? thanks.
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    Wyeast Smack Pack Arrived Inflated, Help!

    So my wyeast smack pack arrived in the mail today inflated. The nutrient pack on the inside seemed to no be broken, but the whole packaged has swelled up. I was planning on brewing Thursday, am I screwed if I don't brew right away??
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    Aging a Chocolate Stout, not imperial

    So I was thinking of dropping my chocolate stout into my basement after 4 weeks at room temperture. My basement should be between 50-65 degrees. This is not an imperial stout, the abv was right around 6 % I was planning on storing it down there until Christmas, so about 9 weeks. Is it...
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    Bottle Carbonation Problem

    So my Hefe is 3 weeks in the bottle. I had one at 10 days in with very nice head and the carbonation was decent, obviously not quite there. Well I have since had a couple here and there. of the 6 bottles i have opened, half were carbed, and half were completely flat. this after 3 weeks mind...
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    Help, First Time Kegger

    So I am thinking of purchasing this kit: And upgrading with 2 525SS Perlick Faucets, as well as buying two ball Lock Kegs and the 5lb. CO2 tank. Now on that site, that all comes out to $414 I am planning on asking my parents to buy a...
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    Wort wont cool, what should I do?

    been waiting an hour for the wort to cool down to below 80. Its been at 130 for an hour. I unfortunately do not have a wort chiller and I didnt have an ice bath. Just topped off the 2.5 gallons of cold water on top of the hot wort. What should I do? Wait to pitch(that could take all night to...
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    Dry-hop masked my beer?

    I made a Troegs Nugget Nectar clone. I tasted a sample after 2 weeks fermenting and it was on point with the real thing. I then dryhopped 2 oz of Nugget hops for a week. The post dry hop sample was worse off. It seems like the dry hops seemed to mask the taste. Kind of a grassy taste, but not...
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    Carbonation Temp Problem

    I am leaving for Aruba for a week tommorow. My Pops said hes turning off the air for the week, So it will be high 70's, but no higher than 78. I am currently 18 days into carbonating an IPA at room temperature(68-70), and only 1 week into carbonating my Nugget Nectar clone at the same...
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    WIse to age a Chocolate Stout?

    I wanted to brew a chocolate stout, not imperial, just a regular stout. I was planning on aging it until octoberish, THe alcohol level will probably be between 6-7%. Is this feasible? Basically will it lose significant chocolate flavor? or just not age like an imperial would? thanks
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    Liquid yeast clumpy>?

    Just finished a brew, I used some liquid yeast, I had it out at room temp for 5 hours before pitching, When I pitched, most was liquid but then a solid chunk came flying out. Is this bad?
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    Should I use a blow off??

    Currently Brewing a Nugget Nectar Clone. the OG is supposed to be around 1.075, I am using WLP001 cali ale yeast. Never made a beer with this high alc content. WOuld it be wise to use a Blowoff on my fermenting bucket, or will I be fine with the airlock?