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    Recirculating eBIAB Connections: TC barbs or TC + Camlock

    So, in building my eBIAB system I have TC ports on my kettle and have from day one planned on TC to camlock fittings and then camlock on all hoses for easy connections. That said, that is two connection points to clean at each fitting location after a brew. Would there be any reason to forego...
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    DSPR320 vs DSPR120

    I am about to start building my controller. I honestly know the DSPR120 is all I need. That said I am intrigued by the possibility of using the timers on the DSPR320 for either heating strike water automatically on schedule for the next morning or potentially for step mashing. I do gluten...
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    Electric Wiring Diagram/Panel Layout Software

    I see a lot of diagrams for wiring and panel layouts and as I'm planning what I want to build I think it would be so much easier to move things around on screen rather than re-draw it on paper. I don't really have need for a CAD product otherwise, but is there a free electrical/panel...
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    Welded or weldless for temp probe?

    Looking into a new kettle for eBIAB. Will be going welded ports for all ball valves and heating element, however it seems weldless is very popular for the temperature probe. The cost to add a welded half port for a temp probe is minimal. Is there any reason I would want to look at weldless...
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    Cider fermenting/aging advice needed

    Hi - I have a batch of a Crispin "The Saint" clone in a fermenter now. It consists of: 5 gallons honeycrisp apple juice (pasteurized) 32 oz Andersons Grade A Dark, Robust maple syrup 1 packet T-58 yeast I set my fermentation chamber to minimum 72 and max 83. Space was shared with a belgian...