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    Mind playing tricks on me?!

    Hey. So.. the story goes like this; Me and a mate were in the local watering hole at friday, I started drinking the house special from the tap, and I can swear the first 2 were perfectly normal, but the third one - from the same line and the same keg had an overpowering H2S rotten egg smell...
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    Clove in mead

    Hey! Got a question... I'm a rather new mead-maker, just finished my first 1G batch (total time a bit over a year) ABSOLUTELY loved it.. I'm making a gallon of the same thing, and a gallon of blueberry mead, a recipe I got from a friend. Also I'm making six one litre batches (each one is a tad...
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    Co2 question

    Hey. I got a question i couldn't find an answer for, sorry if it's already posted. I'm thinking of advancing to kegs from bottels, and by summer hopefully build my very own kegregator. I am currently procuring the requiered items, and at the moment I think I'm going to get the kegs + co2 first...
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    Did I mess up? Any chance to save?

    Since it has been getting cold here at the moment, I realized i have the perfect room in my house to brew my very first lager. I chose a dark lager recipe, and brewed it on eight of december, last year. I let it sit in FV for 3 weeks, and after getting the same gravity reading between 48 hours...
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    Dry hopping.

    Hey. I'm a beginner at brewing (on my second batch with extract beers). I have no idea, how to make the beer that best suits me, and what ingredients to choose, thus on the secont batch I am making the same beer from the same extracts with one having just dextrose and one is with beer enhancer...
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    First brew

    Hello. I think I might have a problem. Before I discovered this wonderful forum, I started to brew impatiently, I bought 2 coopers cans, and well.. Mistakes were made. I started the brewing process on 15.02 with basically no knowledge about it. The aforementioned cans were Coopers lager and...