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  1. scottmd06

    New Brew =)

    Started a new brew tonight with a pre-hopped can of Cooper's Lager, 1.5lbs of Breiss Golden Light DME, 5oz of corn sugar, and an extra .5oz of Cascade hops. I dissolved my can of Cooper's into the boil and hopped the malt with additional Cascades for 30 mins (to possibly freshen the aroma of it...
  2. scottmd06

    Did My Yeast Die? No Carbonation..

    I brewed a Cooper's Wheat kit back in June and racked the beer onto fresh pureed cherries, but I unfortunately didn't get around to bottling it until September =/ So the brew sat in secondary for roughly four months before it was bottled. For some reason the carbonation is almost non-existent in...
  3. scottmd06

    Modding Cooper's Lager Kit, help?

    Modding Cooper's Lager Kit, help? I picked up one of the Cooper's pre-hopped Lager LME cans and 1lb of golden light DME. I planned on filling out the rest of the fermentables in the brew with corn sugar (dextrose) but Im not sure how much would be TOO much... Ive heard that you can really dry...
  4. scottmd06

    Wheatless Fruit Beer?

    What would one call a fruit flavored, low gravity beer, with only about 15 ibus and NO WHEAT? Fermentables included 3lbs of Light dme, 1lb honey blend, fresh dried orange peel, Cascade and Willamette hops? I used a European yeast strain that would impart some banana after taste. Ive fermented...
  5. scottmd06

    Jumex Peach Wine

    I started a 4L batch of wine using Jumex brand peach "nectar" on June 17th, just adding white sugar and water to reach an OG of 1.10. I may take a gravity reading today just see if primary fermentation has officially ended and then rack into secondary. Like the other wines I've experimented...
  6. scottmd06

    On For Today; Strawberry & Orange?

    I got up earlier today and pureed 4lbs of strawberries for my next fruit beer. I have 3LBs of Light Dry extract I'm thinking I'll use as my base, hop with Cascades and Willamette and add an oz of dried orange peels in my last addition... After that ferments this week, rack onto the strawberry...
  7. scottmd06

    I Want To Reuse This Yeast

    I saved and refrigerated the yeast cakes from my last two batches so I could recycle them for future brews. I'm just not sure how to go about reusing them.. Do I just dump the yeast into my new and aerated batch? Also, I ended up with about 10oz of yeast from one batch, whereas the other one...
  8. scottmd06

    Made My First Cherry Puree; My GOD!

    Took me about three hours to to de-stem, de-pit, and puree four pounds of fresh cherries. I don't know if I'll put that much effort in again, unless this brew turns out phenomenal. I was suggested to freeze the puree and thaw it out when I'm ready to rack onto it. Does that sound about right to...
  9. scottmd06

    Glass Jugs in Phoenix, AZ?

    Does anyone know what stores in Phoenix might carry apple juice or cider in the one gallon glass jugs? I want to recycle them for bottling a wine that I need to rack.. I WOULD just go pick up 3 gallons of Carlo Rossi, but that would just double the amount of wine I have lol
  10. scottmd06

    No Carboys to Rack To =/

    I've had a homemade wine fermenting in a plastic bucket since mid February. It has finally cleared entirely and I'd like to move on. It was a 4 1/4 gallon bucket and I made about 3 gallons of the wine. I do not have a carboy to rack to, so I'm wondering if it would be OK to just rack to another...
  11. scottmd06

    good carbonation, little head..

    it seems with each batch, i get great carbonation but very little head. im not sure if im over mixing my priming syrup before bottling, or maybe too much movement during racking? some tips would be great guys, thanks!
  12. scottmd06

    I need some help getting to next step.

    I have a three gallon batch of Apple juice concentrate wine with rehydrated grapes, and orange peel. I'm six weeks in, everything but the floating grapes are cleared. Started with nothing but the basic ingredients so I'm not sure what to add at this point or where to rack to. Thanks!
  13. scottmd06

    Should I Be Refrigerating ?

    The whole time I've been brewing I typically bottle up my batch and then leave it in the pantry a few weeks before putting a couple in the fridge to enjoy. Is there a point where I should be putting them all in the cold, or will the batch "age" or bottle condition best at room temperature? Or...
  14. scottmd06

    Bavarian Wheat with Orange & Coriander, any ideas?

    I have about a 3 gallon batch of Bavarian Wheat with Orange and Coriander in tertiary to age and Im wondering if theres anything interesting I could do with it like additional hopping or some more orange to it, or any other ideas you guys might have.. Any nice spices or herbs that might be fun...
  15. scottmd06

    Ever Pre-made A Bottle of Priming Syrup?

    I'm going to be bottling a 24 pack worth of brew from a batch but will be sending the rest to secondary, so this is the best plan I could think up: Rack the whole batch, give it a nice mix, rack whats not being bottled into secondary, and go ahead and prime and cap whats being bottled now. So...
  16. scottmd06

    Has anyone ordered through this retailer? Just wondering how fresh their supplies are and if they really ship free... Thanks!
  17. scottmd06

    Five Days, Gravity Dropped, But Still Krausen?

    One of my batches has been in primary for five days and the gravity has dropped to where it should but I still have an active krausen causing the airlock to bubble about every 15 seconds... Haven't seen this on any of my other batches, my other two currently fermenting have already started to...
  18. scottmd06

    Trying To Referment Bottled Beer

    I have about 13 bottles left of an old English Brown that was too bitter for me. Id like to empty the bottles, add about a gallon of water and some more fermentables. How can I do this? Not sure if the existing yeast will take to the sugar, or if I should pitch a new yeast. Thanks!
  19. scottmd06

    Strange Hop Profile?

    For one of my recent brews (a wheat/2-row mix), I hopped it for 45mins with 1/2oz Saaz 3.5 alpha, and then finished for 15mins with 1/2oz Fuggles 5.5 alpha. Just curious on the hop profile anyone thinks I made from that combo. I know that the IBUS are low, 12ibu tops.. Just wondering if it will...