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    For Sale Chicago - 20gal HERMS Electric brewery

    Hello Everyone, I'm getting out of the hobby, selling all my stuff. For sale is a "Kal Electric Brewery" clone. 240V, 30A, 20Gallon Blichman G1 kettles It is identical to Kal's clone with the exception of stainless steel March pump heads, and I whirl-pooled in the boil kettle rather than...
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    Complete HERMS Brewery "Kal Electric Brewery" - Chicago area

    Hello Everyone, I'm getting out of the hobby, selling all my stuff. For sale is a "Kal Electric Brewery" clone. 240V, 30A, 20Gallon Blichman G1 kettles It is identical to Kal's clone with the exception of stainless steel March pump heads, and I whirl-pooled in the boil kettle rather than...
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    Perlick 525SS rebuild kits

    Hey everyone, After 3ish years, one of my 525ss faucets started to leak out of the spout. I'm pretty sure it's either the "o" ring seat (part #3) or the handle lever (#5) shown here: Reading reviews (especially on...
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    whirlpooling on an electric setup

    Hey guys, I want to set up my BK for whirlpooling. For those of you who brew with electric, do you put your return port above or below the heating element? My element sits about 4 or 4.5inches off the bottom of the kettle. (If it matters, I have a blichmann 20gal g1 kettle). Thanks for...
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    First time fermenting in plastic bucket

    Hey guys, Due to all the glass accidents I've seen and heard of, I've decided to abandon the glass carboys and switch to the food grade plastic buckets. Anything special I should do with them before my first use? I've cleaned them with oxyclean (30 min soak) and just want to be sure I'll...
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    Lost power while brewing

    Hey all, Com Ed sucks. Just lost power in our neighborhood while brewing a batch. I have an all electric system. I'm about 50 min into the mash, how long can the wort sit there with the grains before the beer will be ruined?
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    quick question on yeast re-using

    Hey guys, When dealing with yeast, normally I'll make a larger starter then needed, pitch most of it and save a bit of yeast in a jar for the next batch, or I'll harvest it out of the carboy and save it in a jar for the next batch. For that "next batch" I'll always make a starter. This time...
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    harvesting yeast slurry from bucket fermenter

    Hey all, I'm in the process of trying to find new fermentation vessels to replace my glass carboys. (Found a large crack during the last brew and don't want to deal with the dangers of glass anymore.) Harvesting yeast is one of my priorities. With my old glass carboys I've had decent...
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    New fermenter... but what kind?

    Hey guys, I've decided I'm done with glass. Been brewing in glass carboys for 8 years now, and while I have not had a catastrophe yet, I figure its only a matter of time. During last sunday's brew, I had to throw a carboy out due to a big crack I noticed on the bottom of the carboy. I know...
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    do any of you whirlpool in the BK?

    Hey all, Just curious how you guys deal with the hop gunk and trub in the BK. I'd like to try and whirlpool, but I think the heating element would be in the way. Do any of you successfully whirlpool with a heating element running through the middle of your BK?
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    just want to run this by you guys

    Hey everyone, Just wanted your thoughts. Brewing 11gal(finished product) of a 1.050 beer this Sunday. tells me I need about 385bil cells. The batch will be split into two carboys. I have 2 jars, with 3-4oz each of yeast slurry harvested 9/13/2014. Do you think the yeast...
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    Getting enough yeast for 10gal+ batches

    Hey all, Basically I want to know how you guys get enough yeast for batches larger then the traditional 5gallon batch, other then just buying more. Currently I have one, 2L flask I use for starters, and one stir plate. I have successfully harvested and re-used yeast from previous...
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    suggestions for a recipe with these hops

    Hey all, I'm planning on making an IPA on monday. I'm flexibile on the grain bill and can do anything, but was thinking the usual mostly 2-row with a little bit of carapils and crystal. SG of around 1.070. Planning on using S-04. I have varying amounts of the following hops and are looking...
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    How are you all filtering your hops?

    Hey guys, I have a Kal clone system that I really enjoy, with one exception, and that is the filtering of the hops out of the wort when I'm draining my boil kettle. I have a hop stopper, and it works great until it starts to become exposed when the wort level drops. Occasionally it works...
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    Just got a 5gal whiskey barrel

    Hey guys, I stumbled upon a great deal on a 5gal whiskey barrel tonight. Don't know much about them except that beer that ages in them usually tastes amazing. Just looking for some general tips and suggestions from anyone who's had experiences with barrel aging home brew. So far I've...
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    Missed OG, add sugar?

    Hey everyone, Brewed a DIPA friday night and missed my OG by about 6 points. Probably rushed the sparge, not really sure. Anyway, if I were to boil some corn sugar in a small amount of water, cool and add it to the fermenter tomorrow morning would that be OK? I've got a lot of hops in this...
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    Mold on top of yeast slurry jar

    Hey guys, Went to make a starter from saved slurry this evening and there was a dime sized chunk of what looked like white mold floating on the surface of the liquid in the mason jar. I poured it out and went ahead with making the starter , but should I use it?
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    Does this starter look right?

    I'm rarely one to come here and ask, "does this look right?" (or similar question) but out of my 5+ years of brewing, I haven't seen anything like this. Made a starter with Wyeast 1968, production date of 10/8/2013. 1.5L of water and 150g of DME. Yeast looked "normal" pouring it into the...
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    quick yeast starter question

    Hey all, I made a yeast starter from washed yeast slurry a little over a week ago (following mr malty calculator). Well I didn't get to brew over the weekend like I wanted to, so I plan on using it this saturday or sunday. I let the yeast starter ferment out over 3 days on a stir plate, and...
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    460bil yeast cells needed - 5L starter or step?

    Hey everyone, I need approx. 460billion yeast cells in 5 days, starting from one wyeast smack pack, American Ale II. I'm using, stir plate (Zainesheff). If I went the step method with my 2L flask, I could start tonight (Monday night) with 1.5L, give it 24hrs, and place the...