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    Handmade beer flight

    Was playing around in the woodshop this weekend throwing around different ideas for beer flights. This is what I came up with. Still have a few other ideas to work on just waiting on some different types of wood to arrive. I made this out of maple with some red oak strips laminated on the...
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    Scored myself a free reverse osmosis

    Not just any ro but one that does 720gpd. It had a problem where the unit would not stop sending water down the waste line. Instead of fixing it the customer just replaced it with a cheaper unit. The best parts are that the tds out of the current membranes is still good and they gave me 2...
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    New Jersey 2 teir brew stand with bg-14 burners

    SOLD I am upgrading to a new brew stand and am looking to sell my previous 2 tier brew stand. It was set up to fit a 48 quart rectangular cooler in the center and gravity feed water from the hlt, then use a pump to transfer to the boil kettle. I would like to get $400 for it but will...
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    What did I brew

    So I decided at the last minute I was going to squeeze a brew day in today. I weighed and milled the grains for a wheat beer with some orange zest and proceeded to mash in. The recipe was suposed to be 4# 2-row, 4# wheat malt, 1/2# munich, and 1/2# flaked wheat. When I went to valouf i...
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    Garden state beer expo groupon

    Just got an email about this today in my inbox garden state beer expo groupon. Thought i would pass the value on to others that may not get groupon updates.
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    Cheap ball lock kegs.

    If your looking for cheap cornie kegs Beverage elements has single handle ball lock kegs back in stock for $20.95. I ordered 2 last night for $56 and change shipped, and already got notification that they shipped.
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    Got my water test today.

    I got my results back from Ward labs today and not exactly sure what i should be adding. The sample was taken after my filtration system that consists of a softner, peroxide injection and a carbon filter. pH 8.1 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Est, ppm 89 Electrical Conductivity, mmho/cm...
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    My new grain mill cabinet

    After my pasta mill having issues and taking longer and longer to crush grains I decided to purchase an actual grain mill and build a cabinet for it. After alot of research and budget restraints I decided to go with a crankenstien 2S. I figured once i had the gap set i would probably never...
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    My brewstand build

    So I got inspired and decided to build A permanent brew rig instead of turkey fryers. I wanted to build a 2 tier with both burners up high and only have to use one pump. This is what I came up with so far. The HLT will sit on the left burner and the BK will sit on the right burner...
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    First year cascade harvest

    So out of the 3 rhizomes I planted the cascade was the only one to produce hops. The goldings grew well but haven't put out any burrs yet and the fuggle had some issues but finally put out a shoot at the end of July. I harvested a little over half the cascade and got about 5 oz. The rest of...
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    My fermentation chamber build

    So i started building my fermentation chamber today. It will hold 3 fermenters on there own slide out drawers and have 2 temp controllers in it. There will be a mini fridge on the platform on the left side and the first section will be insulated off from the other 2 sections. The first...
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    DIY beer line chiller

    My taps are in my bar and my keezer is on the other side of a wall in a storage closet. I needed to come up with an inexpensive way to keep 12 feet of beer line for 3 taps cold. My design uses a small 12v DC pump recirculating water through a copper coil at the bottom of my keezer, then pipe...