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  1. J

    When to start re-circulating.

    Slowly moving to herms system. just building a herms system slowly. Still using my cooler mash tun with 15 gallon hlt. I am wondering, do you start re circulation right away, or let the mash sit a bit after dough in, to let grain bed settle, or does it even matter?
  2. J


    I made and Irish style ale, and while the mash steps went very well, the fermentation seamed to finish after 14 days, and as it stands now 50 days after brewing, picked up diacetyl. Not sure if it got infected, or caused by the yeast not fully cleaning up. I used S0-4 and checked gravity at 10...
  3. J

    Keg conditioning

    So I brewed an Irish stout that finished @ 1.013 after two weeks in fermentor. I moved it to the keg and plan on storing it that way for a while at 63 degrees. I did not add any sugar, just put enough C02 on it to seal. Anyone see any issues with this. Will carb on gas as St Patties day gets...
  4. J

    Is it ever too late to re pitch yeast

    I have an Irish stout fermenting that did not seem to go very long. It's been about 10 days, and I plan on checking the gravity to see where it's at. Then have to give it another day or two and re check meaning it may be two weeks in the fermentor. if fermentation has indeed stalled is it too...
  5. J

    Which way do you do your mash

    So if this was discussed before my apologies, but I could not find anything. Do you add your water to your grains, or grains to your water when mashing. Specifically with a cooler type mush tun while batch sparging. I mix water to grains, and my temps are not hitting where I like, and wondering...
  6. J

    Last minute Holiday ale

    Looking for some feed back, I am going to add a "tea" of spices to Red Ale to kind of holiday it up for SWMBO. The Red ale was 6.6 pounds LME 1 pound chocolate malt .5 crystal 20 1 oz East Kent Golding at 50 min and 1 oz fuggles last 5 60 minute boil. Thinking of adding cinnamon orange peel...
  7. J

    F.G. why do you tourment me.

    On my last all gran batch, I tried beirmunchers octoberfast. I had been running low on my gravity so I adjusted the recipe to 60 percent efficiency. I mashed for for 75 minutes stirred several times during mash to try to drop temp. , iodine test showed conversion done at that time. Temp may have...
  8. J

    yet another F.G question

    Made an extract Milk Stout kit 3.3 lb Liquid Malt Extract - Dark 35 30 43.4% 3.3 lb Liquid Malt Extract - Pilsen 35 2 43.4% 6.6 lb Total Steeping Grains Amount Fermentable PPG °L Bill % 8 oz American - Caramel / Crystal 120L 33 120 6.6% 4 oz American - Dark Chocolate 29 420 3.3% 4...
  9. J

    Fall beer styles

    So, I volunteered to make a couple batches of beer for a clambake in October. I have a milk stout in the fermenter. I need one so I am looking for fall style suggestions, but an easy drinker for the BCM folks, and one that can be quick to the keg, a little behind on my schedule. Thanks n...
  10. J

    What have you done to me?

    Prior to December of 2013, I was perfectly content with drinking My Miller Lite. I would occasionally dabble with a Guinness a Micro brew, but stuck with my staple. Then in December for my birthday, my wife asks what i would like.... Hmmmmm I have heard home brewing beer was no all that...
  11. J

    a little keezer advice

    Looking through the keezer build threads, I got a lot of great looks. Planning to start my build soon, but have some questions that hopefully some folks can shed some light on. First and foremost: I have a Haier 7.1 freezer. The book specifically states not to build the freezer into a cabinet...
  12. J

    Building your own

    After quite a cluster, I finished a 10 gallon mash tun from a rubbermade round cooler. I started trying from a square much cheaper 48 quart cooler, that i drilled out for a valve. It did not turn out quite right, and my manifold was to high off the ground leaving a gallon of liquid unreachable...
  13. J

    First BIAG

    I did my First Brew in a bag, wheat beer with a yeast starter Belgian wit yeast liquid. OG was 1.080. Boiled off more that i thought. Added two gallons of water brought it to 1.062. Put in glass carboy and fermentation took off. Read enough to put a blow off hose on thankfully. Now the Krausen...
  14. J

    Grain Bill question

    This may be a very simple and super noob question, but I have tried to find a clear answer, but have not as of yet. Here goes thinking of moving up to BIAB, I am a little confused about the amount of water to start the mash with. If I am thinking this right. To do a five gallon full boil, I...
  15. J

    What next?

    Okay with some Christmas Cash that has come my way, I was looking to step up my beer brewing arsenal. I have a 10 gallon brew pot, and don't think I would venture over the 5 gallon batches, That would kind of take away the need to brew more often, and ability to have variety. That being said...
  16. J

    First attempt

    So, I started my first beer, an Amber Ale from an extract kit. If you don't mind, I am going to post s quick synopsis of the brew day to fermentation to see if anything I did was detrimental to the final product. Brew day cleaned and star san-ed everything most equipment had at least 20 min...