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  1. J

    Stone 18th IPA bottles conditioned?

    Just got a bottle and it appears like there is some yeast at the bottom. Anyone else notice this? It could be hops but sure looks like yeast. Might try making a starter but I only have one bomber, hoping this is their elusive house strain.
  2. J

    Brett salty taste?

    Hey all I have a batch I made with the old ale blend from wyeast. I guess its Brett B and English yeast. Anyhow it has been changing with time, I forgot about the botles and now about 2 and a half years later the beer has like a salty flavor. I don't think its the water, bottles I drank before...
  3. J

    Adding calcium alone?

    I tried searching a bit and wasn't able to find anything so sorry if this has been covered before. Is there any way to add calcium alone to your brewing water? Sometimes I just want to add more calcium without adding chloride or sulfates is there a source for pure calcium somewhere? I googled...
  4. J

    WLP076 Albion Ale Yeast

    Surprised no one has started a thread about this. Apparently this is a new strain for the white labs platinum program. Googling a bit I imagine this is probably the yeast that the New Albion brewery used to use and was also just used in a collaboration beer that russian river is releasing soon...
  5. J

    Help did i screw up my sour beer

    Hello all I just brewed the tart of darkness recipe and east coast yeast bug county. In case you have never head of it, it is a blend of many of ecy sour yeasts Brett blends and Flanders quite a few different cultures. Anyhow I did not use a started the vial was from October and before pitching...
  6. J

    Tartness from WLP833?

    Anyone ever get a little tartness from this strain? I brewed Jamil's munich helles from his book and it has just a slight edge of tartness. I used 8 ounces of acid malt for 10 gallons which worked out to be 3% of the grist but I have heard of people using more then that and it not affecting the...
  7. J


    Anyone tried it yet?
  8. J

    Questions about adding fruit to lambic

    So I have my first lambic sitting in the closet for over a year now. It is really really funky however not very sour at all. I think the alcohol got a bit too high for it to really sour (I think it is sitting around 8% or higher IIRC). I though about adding some raspberry puree to get some...
  9. J

    Will phenols age out?

    Just finished a batch of pale ale. Should have known better but I used an extremely old pack of yeast. Even though I stepped it up a few times I think wild yeast took over. I had a sample of the beer early on and got hit with a plastic taste. Took a sample after the batch seemed to be done...
  10. J

    Alcohol contribution from maltodextrine?

    So I added a pound of maltodextrine to my wild beer a few months back. Taking a gravity reading the beer is at 0.998! So it seems that everything in the beer has been fermented out. So is the maltodextrine converted to alcohol by the brett? Does anyone know what it would contribute? Would it be...
  11. J

    Super attenuation from Brett?

    Hello all just bottled an old ale made from the wyeast old ale blend. I had the beer in a 6.5 gallon glass carboy that I left in my closet for 7 or 8 months. OG was 1.07, after a week of fermenting the beer was down to 1.010. I also added some oak cubes as I have heard brett can eat that too. I...
  12. J

    Mash temp for Belgian Christmas Ale

    Just had a quick question. I am planning on doing kind of a belated spiced christmas ale with some odds and ends I had laying around. I don't want it to be really high in alcohol so I prepared this recipe, OG should be about 1.077. The antwerp ale is supposed to really dry a beer out but I don't...
  13. J

    Wild yeast or stressed yeast?

    Just wondering I know its probably hard to say just by description but here is my situation. I made a small starter with a very old tube of wlp001 (3 years old IIRC). It was a 500ml starter at 1.020 strength. I saw a pretty good amount of yeast formed and stepped up to a 2 liter starter at...
  14. J

    Whats up with Pacman?

    I just made a Rogue Red inspired ale with Pacman yeast. I mashed at 155 and the recipe had 3 pounds of crystal malt, 1 pound munich, also half a pound of melanoidin malt. The beer went from 1.056 down to 1.009 and has a really thin body. Is there any trick to using pacman? I used it before and...
  15. J

    Please help with first sour beer

    Hell all I am trying my first sour beer and need some help. It was my first so my strategy was to follow Jamil's Flanders method where I would let normal beer yeast ferment a portion then let the sour bugs get the rest. My recipe was very simple just pilsner malt and a pound of cara pils...
  16. J

    Newbie to sour beers need some help

    Hello all I am trying to embark on a new adventure in sour brewing. I have had a roselare pack and old ale pack sitting in my fridge for a while but was scared of infecting my equipment and also did not know if I really even liked sour beer. Hate to admit to date I have only tried Oro de...