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  1. J

    Which kettle should I get?

    I have a fifteen gallon pot and do 10 gallon biab batches. My grain bill ranges from 17 to 22 pounds with no problems.
  2. J

    cheap 10 gallon fermenter?

    The vittles vault works very well and fits nicely in a chest freezer. This one can do ten gallons:
  3. J

    What's your biggest non brewing hobby?

    I fly gliders. Of course I am interested in many other hobbies but time is a problem.
  4. J

    Where to get co2 refills in nothwest houston

    Technical alloy and industrial gas supply. $10 to either fill or swap a 5 pound tank. Also open on Saturdays.
  5. J

    Where to get co2 refills in nothwest houston

    I have my new keezer setup ready to go. I need to know where to get my co2 tank filled. I live in nw houston in the spring area. Can anyone help me with this?
  6. J

    We want YOUR feedback on our new site, HBT! -- Kegconnection

    I bought four kegs from the new sight yesterday. Surprisingly, they will be here tomorrow. The sight was a pleasure to use and is a big improvement over the previous sight. The mix and match capability of the keg sets is wondeful. I will be back soon.
  7. J

    Houston Group Grain Buy #5

    Thank you for setting this up. I appreciate it very much.
  8. J

    Houston Group Grain Buy #5

    2.99 percent plus 30 cents
  9. J

    All Group Buy Participants - NCM Price Change

    Walker i could not disagree with you more. Cmc made a business decision, a decision marketers of products have to make every day. The decision they are confronted with is which sales and marketing channels to use to promote and deliver the product to the end user. There is nothing that says...
  10. J

    Houston Group Grain Buy #5

    I would like to participate. Waiting for access. What part of town will the pickup sight be? Thanks
  11. J

    Star-San vs. Iodophor - FIGHT!

    I use both. I use the idophor to sanitize vessels. Two cap fulls in a bucket that i use to sanitize everything during the brew or bottling days. I could use starsan but it costs more. I always have a spray bottle of starsan around for spraying around lids and such. I use distilled water to mix...
  12. J

    Which Grain Mill? MM, CS, BC

    I bought the c&s 2s which is the most basic mill he offers. I do not have anything to compare this to but it does everything i need. I mill 20 pounds at a time and it is plenty fast for me. I start my water heating and then i measure my grain and mill. It takes a few minutes and i have been...
  13. J

    Commercial SMaSH?

    Real ale fireman's 4 i believe is smash
  14. J

    Kölsch Bee Cave Brewery Kölsch

    I am going to bottle condition this recipe this weekend. How many volumes is appropriate for this style? 2.5?
  15. J

    STC-1000 Temp contoller stuck on heat!!!

    I am gathering that your temp is reading way lower than actual. I think you should focus on discontinuity in your temp probe first. Make sure you have a good connection with your temp probe wires and terminal strip. Also make sure your temp probe wire is not damaged.
  16. J

    When do you need a blow off tube

    Thanks everyone I am pitching white labs kolsch into a 1.05 today. Would you consider this a combination to be concerned about? It sounds like i should make a blow off tube standard practice in the future.
  17. J

    When do you need a blow off tube

    I have been using a 7.9 gallon bucket to ferment five gallon brews. I have always used the standard three piece airlock with good results. As i move to new recipes and yeasts, is there a rule of thumb to know when the fermentation will be aggressive enough to require a blow off tube?
  18. J

    Simple PWM Stirplate Controller

    I will give this a try. I currently have my stirplate to where it goes slow enough to use. However it does not turn off completely. What is the purpose of sinking both the .1 and 22 mf capacitors from the source to ground?
  19. J

    Simple PWM Stirplate Controller

    Thanks i will finish building before i do anything.