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    If you had $2,000 to upgrade your brewery, what would you do? (help me upgrade mine)

    Thanks guys. Some good ideas to look into. I haven't priced out a RIMS system or electric (and need to do some research on these to see what's available and what the current thinking is). It definitely sounds like pump(s) will make a big difference. A larger mash tun is clearly needed. Now...
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    If you had $2,000 to upgrade your brewery, what would you do? (help me upgrade mine)

    It's been a long time since I've posted here. Mostly I've been happily brewing away and have made a lot of beer I'm happy with. But I'm starting to get the itch to improve my system. It just feels inefficient and kludgy. My brother (with whom I brew) wondered what we could do if we each...
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    A gift of Maris otter and 3 types of hops, help recipe

    bitter with columbus, flavor/aroma with simcoe, perhaps. Should make a good pale ale. Styrian Goldings are tasty and will lend a more english style, but I'm guessing they would get pretty lost if you paired them with the simcoe.
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    Fellow homebrewers, meet my new beer engine . . .

    Mine is going strong a year+ in--it got a bit gummed up because I didn't clean it well, but after a thorough take apart and cleaning it's back like a champ. Mine comes out of a corny but don't see why you couldn't do the cubitainer. I've been wanting to try one. I'm not sure you need a...
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    My first lager: One packet of yeast or two?

    even two smack packs is not likely enough for a lager without a good-sized starter, though it is a fairly low gravity beer. two packs of dry yeast, i have had good results.
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    Turbinado, Belgian Candy or Corn Sugar?

    For something like an IPA, I'd keep sugar under 10%, and maybe stick closer to 5-7%. You will possibly get a bit more flavor and complexity from the turbinado than the others. Radical Brewing has a good discussion of using sugar. Edit: I think some sugar in a IIPA is a good idea--it can be...
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    Wee heavy: Carmelization or adjuncts?

    I have a wee heavy sort of in the works. My plan was to boil down some of the first runnings. I may also add some sugar, not sure yet. If you have the book designing great beers, there's a good discussion on the style and the various ways of approaching it.
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    Sorachi Ace / cat piss

    I recently had the brooklyn sorachi ace saison and definitely found it a bit funky (and i like funky beers). I have a couple ounces of sorachi ace in the freezer. I like the lemony-ness, but would like to avoid the funky cat piss. Wonder if it was a combo of yeast and hops, or hops on their...
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    Quick review of my mild recipe (and some yeast choice help)

    for whatever reason i have not loved the WLP002 in the last two beers I've done it in. No idea why. I could cut down on the starter, I just want a good fast fermentation because I have to knock this one out in under 4 weeks.
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    Quick review of my mild recipe (and some yeast choice help)

    This is getting brewed for a pig roast happening in less than 4 weeks. Hopefully I can go grain to glass in that time. 11 gallon batch, going to do single infusion around 153 degrees, batch sparge. This is going to come in just a bit higher than the guidelines for a mild at ~1.046, getting to...
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    pig roast and only a month, what to do?

    thanks guys, looks like a dark mild may be the answer. I've done one before and it was good but not amazing (it was one of the two beers I've brewed with the Fullers yeast, and I have not loved either (the other being a bitter)--not sure why--I love Fullers. Back to Burton yeast for me maybe)...
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    pig roast and only a month, what to do?

    a friend is moving away and his wife wants to throw a pig roast before they go. i'd like to brew a beer, but this is happening first weekend in october and i can brew only this coming weekend (labor day weekend). I keg so can force carb, but need help with an idea for a beer that will be big...
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    brewing for football season

    Need to start doing something about that. I like something flavorful but not too much alcohol, and maybe on the malty side as things get into fall. Nothing specific yet, but some initial thoughts are a scottish 70-/ or 80-/ perhaps. Dunkelweizen. Oktoberfest if I feel like lagering. I did...
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    any deals on kegs?

    I live in SoCal and haven't seen any kegs on craigslist in forever. And prices on kegconnection seem to have gone up. So anyone know of any deal on ball lock kegs?
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    PSA: Dry hopping while priming

    Had an ounce or so of hops in a keg that I also primed with sugar. 3 weeks later (a bit long on the dry hop, but I'm busy) I go to take the hops out (haven't gotten around to putting this beer on tap yet) and it took forever to get the lid off. Venting took forever and never released all the...
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    Calling all English IPA Brewers!

    I think you can go 15 and 5 minutes (or 20 and 5 or 20 and 10) with a fair dose of hops and still have it be very British. Bitter with challenger or target, and then hit it with EKG and/or fuggles (or styrian golding) in the late additions. Then dry hop. I'd just avoid hop additions under 5...
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    Fellow homebrewers, meet my new beer engine . . .

    that is pretty slick. portable cask ale. I like it. :rockin:
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    Fellow homebrewers, meet my new beer engine . . .

    sounds like you need a real beer engine. just more $$. but it looks cooler and generally dispenses 1/2 pint (10oz) per pull.
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    Thoughts on hops for an Alt

    i might go heavier on the 60 minute addition. you can easily do 40 IBUs in an alt. spalt if you can get it. and maybe cut back a bit on the 5 minute, though i don't think it would be offensive, just not strictly to style.
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    Rogue to start own Malt Floor

    very cool. i wonder if they will malt enough to be able to sell to other breweries. how nice it would be to have something more local and possibly more flavorful than the big malt houses.