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    Progress Select beer recipe

    Hi everyone, looking for a clone recipe for a Progress select beer brewed in Oklahoma? Thanks in advanced!
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    Blonde Rye Additions....

    Hey everyone, Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend! So I have all grain kit that is a Blonde Rye for AHS and wanting to change it up a little. I am considering on adding 2 cans of pumpkin purée to the mash and 1.5 Tbsp of pumpkin pie spice the last 5 minutes of the boil. I...
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    Metallic taste from beer gun

    I am having some issues when bottling using a beer gun. Beer poured out of the tap taste great, but beer bottled using a beer gun has a metallic taste. I have a container of star San that i put the nozzle of the gun after I fill 6 bottles and cap them. I clean the beer gun and run star San...
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    Throwing hops in a boiling pot.....

    I can't think of a better smell than throwing hops in a boiling pot of wort on a cold winters day outside! Jalapeño ale coming up...
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    Very high pressure in keg and lots of foam.

    Hey everyone,this is probably my 12th beer to keg and never had problems until now. I kegged this beer back in mid December using 2.5oz of priming sugar. It was in the fermenter for 3 weeks but I did not take a fg reading before it went in the keg. I just now put it in the keezer and hooked up...
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    What direction should I go?

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased grains to do a 5 gallon batch of Yuri thunderstruck pumpkin but decided I wanted to go a different direction other than a pumpkin beer. Below is a 15 gallon batch that I cut and pasted but I did size it down to 5 gallons on the grains. 21.00 lb Pale Malt...
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    Hi Everyone, This is a great forum and I have learned so much over the past six months, but now I believe I have a infection on my Grand Cru. I have attached a picture, what is everyones thoughts? Thanks for everyones help!