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    How much ginger bug for 3 gallon batch?

    I've been making 1/2 gallong batches of ginger beer using a ginger bug. Does anyone know if I must icrease the amount of "bug" to start a 3 gallong batch, or could I get away with using 1 or 2 cups of ginger bug?
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    Saison at low temp?

    I started a Saison several weeks back (meant to brew it in late summer), and the temp in my cellar dropped drastically, to 62 F. Now, it did most of it's fermentation and has dropped to around 1.02. Has anyone here fermented a Saison at temps that are so far below specs? I'm considering...
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    enamel pot scorched

    I noticed a small (1 inch) scorch on the inside of our relatively new (3 brews) enamel pot -- is this going to effect future brews? -Andy
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    Samuel Smith's Cider

    Earlier this week I had a bottle of Samuel Smith's Organic Cider and really enjoyed it. I'd like to make something similar -- sparkling and with an alcohol content around 5%. Here's my idea for a recipe: 3 gallons of cider (really, cloudy local apple juice) 1 packet of a yeast like...
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    Pilsner Urquell bottles

    I had a wrestling match with a Pilsner Urquell bottle while capping a batch of Vienna lager today. The final result was an explosion of green shards and 12 oz of wasted beer!!! Note to self: no more Pilsner Urquell bottles. -Andy
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    Pilsner is too dark!

    About 5 weeks ago a brewed a partial mash pilsner recipe, which has now been in a secondary carboy for 2 weeks. It looks way too dark to me! I've been searching the forum for answers to my questions about this but haven't found the right search terms. I'm sure that the topic has been...
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    Is diacetyl rest necessary for lagers?

    Hi, On a scale of 1 to 10, how necessary is the diacetyl rest to the process of making good lagers (incl. pilsners)? Another way of phrasing the question: if one doesn't bring the fermentation up to the higher temperature, will the beer necessarily exhibit diacetyl traits (like buttery...
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    How much to fill airlock

    Hi, I usually just keep the blow-off tube going, but today I racked into secondary and am using an airlock. I filled it with vodka. This airlock has a little cap with tiny holes in it. Is it safe to keep the cap on it with vodka filled up very high? How high do experienced brewers usually...