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  1. impatient

    Just a couple questions on my first time kegging with my first lager

    My lager was in primary for 1 week at 55 degrees. I slowly brought it down to 31 degrees in secondary. Total time in secondary was 8 weeks. I am real busy right now, so, I bought some kegging equipment. I left it at 31 degrees under 9PSI. Is this a typical post lagering set up? Would...
  2. impatient

    Questions on bottling a lager...

    Here is what I have going: 6 2-Row .5 120L In w/7.5 qts @ 152 90 minutes Out w/22 qts @ 168 90 minute boil 1oz Cascade 70 minutes 1oz Cascade 20 minutes 1tsp Irish Moss 15 minutes 1oz Cascade 5 minutes Immersion chilled to 60 and pitched a 400mL yeast cake of WyEast 2206 Bavarian Lager...
  3. impatient

    First Lager, its bubbling, does this look normal?

    Hoppy Vienna Lager??? 6lbs 2-Row .5 lb 120L 1 Cascade 60 1 Cascade 20 1 Cascade 5 OG 1.046 Strike temp 152 w/9 qts for 120 minutes, Fly sparged w/22 qts. I pitched a big ass starter of WyEast 2206 Bavarian. After decanting of the wort I ended up with 600 mL of yeast cake. I used my gravity...
  4. impatient

    My lager starter has no krausen, is this normal?

    I boiled 2 liters of water and .5lb DME in a flask for 10 minutes. I cooled it to 55 degrees, pitched a Wyeast 2206 smack pack that I started the day before. The smack pack was swollen. I put it in my lagering cooling to maintain 55 degrees. After 48 hours, it is bubbling away with no...
  5. impatient

    Remove your chlorine taste ...

    Here is what I have installed. This unit removes the chloring taste that the water company uses. I here a lot of people talk about chlorine problems, so, I decided to post this. This only cost $60 and installed in minutes.
  6. impatient

    Hey, ya you, you drucks.

    input ?
  7. impatient

    Is a 100 billion cell count lager yeast smack pack big enough to not us a starter?

    Is a 100 billion cell count lager yeast smack pack big enough to not us a starter? I have a WyEast 2206 Bavarian Lager Yeast smack pack. It says it has 100 billion cells. Should I make a starter? Do I pitch @ 55 degrees? (the package says to pitch @ 70-75 until fermentation starts and...
  8. impatient

    What is the best lagering setup?

    I have a decision to make: I have a johnson controls external thermostat and I can get either a chest freezer or a refrigerator. Which is the best option?
  9. impatient

    Brrr, looks cold

    I want to brew today.
  10. impatient

    Can you carbonate your beer with yeast in a keg?

    Can you carbonate your beer with yeast in a keg? Then tap it as usual?
  11. impatient

    Is flocculated yeast in suspension normal after adding gelatin?

    I added 1 tablespoon of gelatin to 1/2 cup of water and heated it up to 170 until it was clear. Then I chilled it to 60 degrees. I figured it was right because it did not coagulate when chilled. I added this to my secondary. Today, I have floculated yeast hanging in suspension. I was...
  12. impatient

    What do I need to keg my beer?

    I can get a couple of soda kegs. They do not come with any connectors at all. I believe I need the following: C02 tank 59.95 pressure gauges regulator 40.95 hose I think I need to connectors and a tap. Can someone lead me in the right direction?
  13. impatient

    Notty @ 50°, how will that turn out?

    I brought my batch down to 60 degrees last night before pitching. However, this time I sat it on the basement floor due to lack of shelf space. It is fermenting very slowly @ 50 degrees. There is not even a krausen, but, you can see is churning ever so slightly and it has positive pressure...
  14. impatient

    What would you call this?

    ... an extra pale IPA? 5 lbs. American 2-row info 4 lbs. Pilsner Malt info 1 lbs. White Wheat info 1 lbs. Vienna Malt info 1 oz. Magnum (Whole, 14.50 %AA) boiled 60 min. info 1 oz. Cascade (Whole, 5.50 %AA) boiled 20 min. info 1 oz. Cascade (Whole, 5.50 %AA) boiled 5 min. info...
  15. impatient

    Is it ok to mash today and do the rest tomorrow?

    I am pressed for time and want to get another batch in the works. Has anyone had any problems with mashing on one day, chilling the wort and then boiling the next?
  16. impatient

    Carbonate your beer with wort

    The goal here is to raise the gravity by .003. Final Volume * (1 / ((OG - FG) / .003)) Example: 5 gallons * (1 / ((1.071 - 1.017) / .003)) = .27777 gallons Convert that here to 35.55456 Ounces. Throw this in the freezer until bottling. Then thaw it out, heat it to 180 to...
  17. impatient

    Krausening calculation (bottling with wort)

    If anyone is interested, here is a formula for how much wort to save if you would like to use it to bottle with. The goal here is to raise the gravity by .003. Final Volume * (1 / ((OG - FG) / .003)) Example: 5 gallons * (1 / ((1.071 - 1.017) / .003)) = .27777 gallons Convert...
  18. impatient

    Are you getting fat from HB?

    Is the quality of your beer reflected on your waistline?
  19. impatient

    Is there such a thing as a good, light beer?

    I would like to brew something low on the caloric scale that does not taste plain like "Coors Light". Can this be done? Has this been done around here?
  20. impatient

    Great tasting brew...

    I have a weird complaint... I threw together a simple Pale Ale last Saturday that I just move to secondary today. I alway drink the gravity reading. Usually the sample either has some serious off flavors or a hot alcohol taste. This time, short of no carbonation, it tastes really good...