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    Minnesota March 809HS-PL Pump

    Pump = Sold I have a brand new March 809HS-PL Pump with wire leads. Bought it at Christmas on sale and never got my stand put together. Since it's been 10 months, it's hard to return. Yours for a bargain! Asking $120 shipped, but open to offers. :mug:
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    Michigan Kettle/HLT/Tun

    Those legs look a little thin... thoughts on whether it could hold 10-13 gallons (104 lbs)?
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    Minnesota Malolactic Bacteria

    Used for wine, but didn't know if there was a separate forum for that. $6 per packet, shipped. Expiration 2014. I found an online deal for bulk and couldn't pass it up. I've set enough aside for my own usage, but got about 10-15 extra packs still. My cost is your cost...
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    El Dorado Hops

    Give MW a call... I know for a fact they have them in store.
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    El Dorado Hops

    Midwest Supplies also has them now...
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    FS: Northern Brewer Gift Card

    I have a $100 NB gift card for sale. It was a gift I received before I started working for another local homebrew shop. $90 and it's yours. Free shipping since it'll cost a stamp. :ban:
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    bottles that can be capped

    Look for a beer called "Famosa" if you can find it. It's a low end import 1L bottles and cheaper than the bottles alone. I got mine around $1.50/L. Made my friends drink it.
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    BYO BoGo List of 'wanters' 50/50 splits

    Got one through another posting... my name removed. Banik Icebrew sillyburt ThatGeekGuy MyAlement ThreeBrothersBrewery BassBeer cuseman24 Hernando Firebat138
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    2 for 1 Brew Magazine Subscription

    Oh, well I was not explicit... but my intent is to buy half a subscription. If that's $16.50, then that's fine too...
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    2 for 1 Brew Magazine Subscription

    I'm never online when the mad dash hits... if anyone has one and wants $14 via paypal, PM me.
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    BYO BoGo List of 'wanters' 50/50 splits

    Silentnoiz FastAndy JMP781 Banik Icebrew sillyburt Prozhack
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    BrewHardware Giveaway!

    In like flynn.
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    Vintner's Harvest Wine Base

    Anyone play with this in their beers? I got a couple cans tossed in on a craigslist deal and don't make wine. But I was thinking I could toss it into a wheat or some generally lighter recipe after a couple days of primary. But here are my list of questions: -Do these things expire? And if...
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    Keg Weld Patching

    I've read through a couple of postings here, but there's an overwhelming amount that I'm not sure is useful... so here's my question/problem: I took my kegs to a welder who had some serious issues with the welding of kegs which had thin stainless steel. After "fixing" one or two pinholes...
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    questions about keggle build

    Well I just put together one and used a sightglass for my HLT since that was high up and I didn't have a ladder tall enough. But b/c of it, I had to use a longer thermowell. The direct competitor is Brewhardware. I did an item by item comparison and while some were cheaper in each, the price...
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    50 Plate Wort Chiller

    And if that deal, for some miraculous reason, falls through... let me know and I'll take it. :)
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    Pin Lock Corny Kegs

    Agreed. B/w the other postings and this, I can't comprehend how anyone would pay your asking price unless they didn't take the 30 seconds to look up prices elsewhere. Good luck.