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  1. Quietandsimple

    Added Harvested Nottingham to Mr. Beer

    I've had a 2 gallon batch of Mr. Beer that someone dug up from a closet quietly fermenting in a cabinet. I watched it do it's weak original fermentation thing with the supplied Mr Beer yeast, but I wasn't happy with it, so I decided to add alittle Harvested Notty to it. I wonder if it will do...
  2. Quietandsimple

    Fructose, Demerara, Candi sugar

    In Charlie Papazian's book it says that these sugars can be used up to 10% of the total fermentables. My question is this: Has anyone here PERSONALLY BREWED a beer with 10% or more of these particular sugars. I'm not looking to supplement my malt with a cheap adjunct, I just keep seeing...
  3. Quietandsimple

    Kalashnikov Fermenter

    I was shopping at my local bulk food store and found this 5.25 gal container. It comes equipped with a handy place to attach a 3/8 inch blowoff tube, and a spigot that sits almost an inch off of the floor of the fermenter. I will have to sanitize this one very well, but since it's HDPE I'm...
  4. Quietandsimple

    Imperial Stout

    Probably my favorite Imperial Stout that I've tried thus far.:mug:
  5. Quietandsimple

    First time Brewer now has the ADDICTION

    I started a simple gruit stout recipe that I've been chewing on for a while. When I say simple, I mean K.I.S.S. simple. 12 lbs. Northern Brewer Dark Malt 3.3 lbs. Muntons Dark Malt 1 lb. Briess Amber Malt 1 lb. Malto-dextrin Pitched with 4 packets Danstar Nottingham Ale Yeast Total...