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  1. tarmenel

    Horny Tank

    Hi there, I came across this and from what I read I don't quite understand what a horny tank is. Is it just another name for a coolschip or something else altogether.
  2. tarmenel

    Gelatine for clearing before kegging

    I'd like to keg a dubbel that I've been largrring in the fridge after primary fermentation. I'd like to reuse the yeast cake but also want to try use gelatin to clear the beer as much as possible. 1. Should I transfer before adding gelatine 2. How long does the gelatine need to be in the beer...
  3. tarmenel

    Fermentation table for Styles

    Looking for a chart or list of fermentation times per style. Most recipes are great getting you to fermentation but the times and temperatures required for fermentation seems to be missing. Is there anything out there?
  4. tarmenel

    Still bubbling

    Hi there. I've been wanting to bottle a Berliner Weisse but it's still chuggling away. Each evening I check the fermentors and it is still producing co2 on a regular basis 5-10 minutes. Should I wait it out or something else going on? I'm not to keen to open up my fermentor especially as I'm...
  5. tarmenel

    Filling a barrel

    Beggars can't be choosers they as the saying goes. Over here in Israel finding barrels under 220l is either very difficult or very expensive, most of the times both. So I've come top the conclusion I'll need to fill a 220l barrel if I want to barrel age. I like a challenge so just want to find...
  6. tarmenel

    Which Lactobacillus to Avoid in Bio products

    Hi there, Looking into sources for LAB and wondering which I need to avoid in these bio digestive products. I've seen a pure Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v which I'm thinking about trying. Just wondering with the other mixes if there are some Lactobacillus strains I should avoid or others bugs...
  7. tarmenel

    Burning Goose

    Starting a thread to try recreate @burnirator Gose using sauerkraut. Picked a ripe cabage out yhe garden today and fermented using a 5% solution of salt
  8. tarmenel

    Solera Project - Flanders Red

    So I'm juggling a few balls here but thought I'd get this one up in the air and just layout my plans and get some feedback from you wise souls. Looking at starting a Solera of Flanders Red. I'll brew a 20 liter batch of Flanders Red every three months and build up a to 3 Carboys of Solera...
  9. tarmenel

    First Funky Beer

    Hi there, I'm in the process of getting some lacto and brett. I'm in Israel so finding it is a bit harder. I've been trying to perfect my Berliner Weisse but now I want to step up to something a bit more funky. What would you suggest as a first 6 month to a year sour. I'll be keeping it at 18C...
  10. tarmenel

    Wort souring adjustments

    Hi there, I've been trying to sour my beer's pre-boil using wort souring. Then I coil and add the hop's required. I have a few issues. The first is that the gravity drops quite a bit in 36 hours so how should I adjust for this? The pH really does get down nicely too. The thing is I'm not...
  11. tarmenel

    Sour Mash issue

    Two part question here. The first is that I'm trying to brew a Berliner Weisse using a sour mash technique. My recipe is a 10 liter batch using 1kg of wheat and 1kg of Vienna. I'm doing a BIAB so Beersmith asked for 14 liters of water for the mash. I didn't notice and added 15 liters. The...
  12. tarmenel

    Sour Styles

    Hi there, Just wondering if there is a list of sour styles and also the appropriate time frames. New to the whole sour style and starting to learn. Also I don't see a section just for sour's that I could put it under. So far I have Berliner Weisse Lambic ?? Could contain many Gose...
  13. tarmenel

    Sour/Lambic beers and temp fluctuation

    Hi there, Wondering if anyone could shed some light on how important temperature is in the souring process of fermentation. More the Brett's than Lacto fermentation. I'm asking as here in Israel the summer temp's get up to 40 degree's in August so the beer being fermented on the porch I...
  14. tarmenel

    Harvesting Lactobacillus

    Wondering how you could grow and harvest lactobacillus at home. Is it the same as yeast? Just wondering as I'm going to try and do a sour as read here. Seems like a great way to also keep control of the whole process. I'm wondering though whether there could be any harvesting before the second...
  15. tarmenel

    Amounts of harvested yeast

    Hi there, I have been harvesting yeast quite successfully but now trying to delve a bit deeper. I make small batches (10 liters) at a time and harvest the yeast from after primary fermentation. I wash it out a bit to get as much yeast and as little trub in there. Until now I've been just...
  16. tarmenel

    Sourdough starter

    I'm starting my travels down the sour's road of no return ;) I've started brewing this year using a sourdough starter as my yeast/souring in the fermentation. The first beer was bottled last week and I already snuck in a sneaky taste after a week. It's definitely sour :D The question is now...
  17. tarmenel

    Warm weather fermentation

    Hi there, Living in Israel means that we're now heading into the heat of summer. 28C inside the house during the evening is pretty much the norm. I am wondering if there is any beer that can be fermented at these higher temperatures or will I have to invest in a fridge. I'm just starting out...
  18. tarmenel

    Bitter or Astrigent due to Water

    Hi all, I have moved over to BIAB to try my hand at all grain. It seem's though that the beers are coming out more bitter. But I understand that I might be labelling that long and it could be an astringent flavor and not neccessarilly bitter. Could someone explain the difference between this...
  19. tarmenel

    Move fermentor and now started bubbling again

    Hoping I haven't messed up my two batches. I had to move my fermentors a day or two ago. Today I noticed that they started bubbling again after a week of nothing. Should I be worried
  20. tarmenel

    Calculations for Immersion Chiller

    Hi there, Looking at building an imersion chiller. Not sure if I'm overthinking this but is there an ideal number of loops or circumference when making the chiller? I'm also wondering about the best size of the tube. I've seem 3/8 is most places. Is this just because its standard and easy to...