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  1. popeiam

    Need help MT insulation

    I need to find a way to insolate my mashtun, I seem to lose a lot of heat during my mash and find myself heating it up. Until I can do a recirculation I was thinking the cheaper way to go would be to insolate it. I would like it to be some what resistant to heat but not direct heat from a...
  2. popeiam

    BottleWorks selling old beer?? In Seattle

    I wish I could get into Seattle today at 11:00. But sadly I'm going to have to wait until this weekend. Hope there is going to be some left. Seattle beer geeks rejoice on Bottleworks anniversary | Living | | News for Seattle, Washington Bottleworks Beer Store
  3. popeiam

    Parker Colorado

    Going to Parker for the holidays and have not been to the home land in some time now. I'm looking for any recomendations on good brew pubs. Any Ideas??
  4. popeiam

    Golden Gate Keg??

    Any Information on Golden Gate Keg's and what kind of tap they use. Also will they work in my Keg-O-Rater. Is the pushed with CO2 or gravity
  5. popeiam

    Better Bottle Complaint

    Ok So I broke down and bought two Better Bottles. I decided to use one for fermenting a wine. And I’m using the other for an attempt at Mead. Here is the complaint, When I go to move the bottles the thin wall plastic on the bottle gives unlike a glass bottle. My problem with this is that when...
  6. popeiam

    Post counter go away !!

    Sure do wish that your post counter would not update every time you post. Maybe just in your profile. The more senior members who have posted for a here for a while were once NOOBs them selves, and I wish I could see the progression from noob to all knowing (??) I love this site, It’s taught me...
  7. popeiam

    Grain Mill Spit An O' Ring

    My grain mill on my last brew spit an O'ring. My type of grain mill is a BARLEY CRUSHER MALT MILL model # 50125A, I have only milled about 200 lbs give or take through it..... So.. Is this going to be a problem (missing O'ring), is this a fixer or should I try and send it back. Anyone...