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  1. Desert_Sky


    6lbs Belgian Pils - 30% 6lbs German Munich - 30% 6lbs Vienna - 30% 2lbs Crystal 10L - 10% .8 Nugget @ 60min 2 oz Hersbrucker @ 15min I mashed at 150° with a thinner mash at 1.7qts/Lb This is the 4th time Ive brewed this. Always at end of summer for a nice mid September beer. Ive never liked...
  2. Desert_Sky

    So i have unlimited access to LN2

    Has anyone poured liquid nitrogen into a full keg and capped it? Is it even possible to get nitrogen into solution this way? Yes I'm drinking already
  3. Desert_Sky

    Thank You Jaded - Immersion chilled 11 gallons in 13 minutes

    I was able to try out my custom Jaded Hydra this morning. Built for an SS Brewtech 15 Gallon with Jaybird's False Bottom and a custom whirpool return. I run a brutus style system with 3 vessels and two pumps. The HLT was filled with ice water and pumped through the Hydra to waste after filling...
  4. Desert_Sky

    Is mobile app not working for anyone else?

    I launch the app, I see the Logo, then it crashes. Been 2 days now. Ive uninstalled and downloaded again. Same issue Anyone else experiencing this?
  5. Desert_Sky

    Thermometer Upgrade for SS Brewtech MT?

    Im in the market for a new SS MT. I like the SS Brewtech, but that cheap looking thermometer is just about a deal breaker for me. Are there any other options I have for that thermowell? With the Tun insulated like it is Im not sure if I could add a standard weldless fitting or not.
  6. Desert_Sky

    Anyone seen this? Filling beer from the bottom?

    MOD EDIT: Several threads merged.
  7. Desert_Sky

    My DIY Chill Wizard Knock Off

    Says right there on the website- Hmmm....Ok well Sabco's is going for a pricey $829. Minus the paint I need to finish this up, I got this put together for about half that. This is it mocked up. Getting primer and paint this weekend and test runs will commence shortly after.
  8. Desert_Sky

    New Session in Beer Smith?

    Long time ProMash user here, but Ive just started messing around with Beer Smith. Is there a "New Session" part like there is in ProMash? As in save each individual session with possible recipe changes as well as find strike temps and what not?
  9. Desert_Sky

    My Brewery Upgrade

    Uncle Sam has rewarded me for having kids very generously this year with a really nice tax return. And with a little sweet talking and well timed massages I got to blow the entire thing this year on my brewery upgrade. Think of it as my "Once a decade irresponsible purchase" which every guy...
  10. Desert_Sky

    For you large conical brewers.....

    Question for you. I just picked up a Blichmann 27G Tri-Clamp conical only to realize that I am going to need a new freezer leaving my old one to become a kegerator.....darn. Anyway I have narrowed down my search to a Frigidaire FFU21F5HW 20.5 cf upright freezer. This is the replacement model to...
  11. Desert_Sky

    Need Votes I am so torn, I need you guys help #54 ranked #1 #50 ranked #2 I really love them both and am stuck What say the home brew community? If I can do something to one of the logos please let me know. I still have 3 days to...
  12. Desert_Sky

    So I was thinking about my keggle....

    You know how we cut the tops off of a keg and call it a brew kettle? Well it sucks for 11-12 gallon batches. Really sucks. There is no room for a really good hot break without 15 minutes of working the foam in a way where it will break without a boilover. So.....I was noticing the nice domed...
  13. Desert_Sky

    Online Poker

    Im on but there are no real money games. I might have an extra hundred or somethin I could put towards some online poker somewhere else. Does anyone have any recommendations for Texas hold em online?
  14. Desert_Sky

    Funny Sex Chat

    bloodninja: Ok baby, we got to hurry, I don't know how long I can keep it ready for you. j_gurli3: thats ok. ok i'm a japanese schoolgirl, what r u. bloodninja: A Rhinocerus. Well, hung like one, thats for sure. j_gurli3: haha, ok lets go. j_gurli3: i put my hand through ur hair, and kiss u...
  15. Desert_Sky

    How bout them Cardinals?

    Ya ya thought so :mug:
  16. Desert_Sky

    Trappist Single Patersbier SMaSH

    Belgian Pils 14lbs 80% Efficiency Czech Saaz [email protected] Czech Saaz [email protected] Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity Sacc Rest 152 @ 60 Mashout 168 @ 10 Sparge 170 @ 60 A very light and simple beer with alot of flavor coming from the yeast and hops
  17. Desert_Sky

    CLR and March Pumps

    Would it be a bad idea to circulate CLR through my rig via the pumps?
  18. Desert_Sky

    5.2pH Buffer Buildup

    Hi team Im starting to get a pretty nice buildup on the inside of my thermo probes and pumps from the 5.2pH buffer Ive been using. For those of you who use this awesome stuff, how do you get the buildup off? Im not sure where the average homebrewer finds themselves some caustic cleaners, and...
  19. Desert_Sky

    My new favorite beer -Greene King IPA-

    Hands down my favorite beer, for this month at least. Its a British beer, so it's by no means an American IPA. They didn't try and cram as much malt and hops as they could in this one. THis beer is extremely drinkable. I easily put the 4 pack down last night. Comes in 500ml cans, If you see it...