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  1. Setesh

    Colorado GABF 2015 Saturday Evening Session

    I have two tickets to the Saturday evening session (5:30-10:00PM) of GABF 2015 for sale. I'm just looking to get back what I bought them for which is 154.50 for both.
  2. Setesh

    Doh! Added wine (sulfites) and stopped fermentation

    I've been adding 2-3 cups of a locally produced Cabernet Sauvignon to my Flanders Red style beers because I love the character it adds. I got the bright idea to try a store bought wine that I also like to compare the difference. The thing is that the local winery's doesn't add sulfites because...
  3. Setesh

    Using bret from wine

    So we just moved and my wife decided she didn't want the wine rack in the new house. The rack was holding 12 bottles of wine ranging from 9-11 years old. I couldn't throw out all that wine so I put them in my beer closet and opened the first bottle last night. It was a 2006 milcampos...
  4. Setesh

    Kombucha fixed my stomach problems

    I started drinking store bought KT after I took a harsh antibiotic. Ever since that antibiotic I hadn't been able to eat any amount of onions, garlic, beans, cabbage, or dairy without HORRIBLE gas, stomach cramps, the runs, etc.. Just a few chips with salsa is all it would take, just the small...
  5. Setesh

    Starsan Beer - Too much?

    Well, I finally did it. I finally put Starsan in my beer. A lot of it too. I always fill a rubbermaid tub with 2.5 gallons of water and .5oz Starsan and use it to sanitize a lot of misc equipment instead of spraying it. Things like racking hoses, etc. Well, I had 15 minutes left in the boil...
  6. Setesh

    Element duty cycle - What do you run at?

    I just listened to a BN podcast where Jamil and Tasty say that most homebrewers boil too vigorously, much more than they need to. So today I did an experiment. I normally boil at 70% duty cycle on my 5500 watt element in a converted keggle with 2 layers of reflectix insulation and get 1.25 gph...
  7. Setesh

    Need advice on hooking up spa panel to main panel

    I am done building my 50A back to back Kal clone control panel and I have wired up my 50A GFCI spa panel. Now I need to connect the spa panel to the main panel. Here is my main panel: I only have one spot left, opposite the 100A main. Which brings me to my frist question: Is this a normal...
  8. Setesh

    Garage or shed? Seeking opinions and advice

    We are building a new house, they will break ground in about 2 weeks. It will have a total of 3 cars worth of garage but they are separated in an L shape. 2 on one side and 1 on the other. Hard to explain but hopefully that makes sense. The neighborhood bylaws say you can't have a detached...
  9. Setesh

    HERMS Coil Question - More coils submerged or space between coils?

    My HERMS coil just arrived from stainlessbrewing and it looks great. It is 50ft of 1/2" stainless. When I went to fit it in my keggle I realized I have a choice to make between two options: 1. I can have all of the coil under water with about 11 gallons of water but there will be no space...
  10. Setesh

    My Kal Clone

    I just finished my Kal clone. It's an almost exact copy of Kal's build, using his layout and all. I wish my cable management skills were up to what Spike Innovations puts out, but oh well. I must say this was one of the funnest projects I have taken on in my brewing career. I'm excited that...
  11. Setesh

    Movable vs Fixed HERMS coil

    Hello all! I am building an EHERMS system with Kals control panel and 3 Keggles. I have seen people use an immersion chiller as their HERMS coil and I have seen static coils hard mounted into the HLT. Does anyone have any input on the ups and downs of using a static coil in the HLT vs an...
  12. Setesh

    Cheap single tier brew stand idea

    I am building an EHERMS system, and with all of the money I've been pouring into that (You're welcome Bobby and Kal ;)) I wanted to make a brew stand for cheap. I was using folding tables and my turkey fryer before, but that just wasn't going to cut it for an EHERMS. One day as I was taking...
  13. Setesh

    HERMS coil in MLT while recirculating mash

    I'm sorry if this has been covered, but I could't find any examples of it :confused: I'm looking at building a full HERMS for use at a new house we are building. But it will be a year or so before the construction will be finished and I want to step up my game at my current place. I have to...
  14. Setesh

    Finished at 1.020 with four different beers with S-04

    I brewed three different beers 3 weeks ago. Nut Brown Ale Revvy's Kiss Yer Cousin Rye BierMuncher's Black Pearl Porter...
  15. Setesh

    Stratification of gases in closed environments (Like fermentors and kegs)

    I posted an unproven theory of mine in another thread. That theory was that if I filled a new keg with CO2 that the CO2 might settle to the bottom in a few hours and then push more of the O2 out the top when I purged. Another poster made the point that gases mix very quickly and so this theory...
  16. Setesh

    I just became a skimmer

    So, I had never tried skimming but was inspired by a podcaster who always skimmed (except forFWH) to prevent boilovers. Today I made two batches and skimmed them both. On the first batch I sat there with my spray bottle like a cat ready to pounce but I didn't need it once. On the second batch...
  17. Setesh

    YUCK, beer tastes like sanitizer

    I have always used starsan to clean/sanitize my beer lines with now problems and no off flavors. I picked up some MoreBeer No Rinse Beer Line Cleaner because it was on closout (starting to see why) and decided to give all my lines a good cleaning. I mixed up a batch of the stuff in a keg...
  18. Setesh

    Turn cider into something.....else

    I made a cider because it sounded like fun and it turned out pretty decent. The problem is I don't really like it and neither does my wife. Everyone that comes over is more interested in the beers than the cider, so it's going to be in my keezer forever at this rate. I have been thinking on...
  19. Setesh

    PBW way better than OxiClean

    I have been using OxiClean to clean out my carboys for a long time now. Fill it up, let it soak a bit and knock everything off with a carboy brush. Well, I picked up a couple of 6 gallon better bottles to try as primaries due to the lighter weight. After transferring a porter which had been...
  20. Setesh

    Headache with a particular batch

    Has anyone ever had a particular batch of beer that gave you headaches? I searched through the forum and found a few people who thought particular yeast strains gave them headaches. This batch used WLP002 which I've used before for Milds and ESBs with no problems. I hate to pour the batch...