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  1. TheFlyingSparge

    Anyone Use a SPIKES CF-5 Conical with a BrewJacket Immersion Pro?

    Looking to get a second conical. Wondering if anyone is running a Spikes CF-5 with a BrewJacket Immersion Pro. Thanks!
  2. TheFlyingSparge

    Does anyone have a Brite Tank they LOVE?

    Currently running a 1/2bbl mash setup with a 1/2bbl conical fermenter. Looking to pickup a Brite Tank mostly so I can carb the entire batch at once then have an easier time splitting batches with some going into keg and the rest counter-pressure bottled. Anyone doing the same?
  3. TheFlyingSparge

    SMOG CITY CLONE - Water Reccomendations

    We're doing a Smog City "The Nothing Clone" from BYO. Wondering about the water. I'm using my tap water for mash. Wondering if it's good for sparge or if I should be considering distilled. Water chem is something I've struggled with. Thanks.
  4. TheFlyingSparge

    "Krome" stainless steel shanks - any reviews?

    Looking at these "Krome" brand SS shanks. Anyone have positive/negative experience with them?
  5. TheFlyingSparge

    Banner Chicago 3-tap tower question

    I picked up this minty Banner Chicago 3-tap tower for a decent price. Was dirty when I got it but it polished up nice. Anyone have any idea about Banner Chicago, quality, etc. The tower seems pretty legit. Has cooling lines. Internals look new. Extremely solid construction. Looks like I...
  6. TheFlyingSparge

    Got My Water Profile In - Kent County, Rhode Island (City Water)

    Starting to get into water chemistry. Ordered a test from Ward Laboratories. So far very happy. They were very fast to get back to me. Sent it in Saturday and got it today. See below: pH 9.9 Total dissolved solids est ppm 122 Na 19ppm K 1ppm Ca 16ppm Mg <1ppm CaCO3 44ppm SO4-S 6ppm...
  7. TheFlyingSparge

    Anyone add Oat Milk to Beersmith 2?

    I just went to add oat milk to the grain list as an extract. Only lets me add it in terms of lbs not liquid measure. What's the work around for liquid? Gravity is 1.046. thanks!
  8. TheFlyingSparge

    NEIPA - Recipe Review Wanted

    Thanks for looking. Been looking at this too long. Could use some feedback. Feels like too many hops but not sure if that's even a real thing at this point. 12 Gallon target (2 kegs and a few bottles) 80% Pale Malt (#20) 08% CaraMunich (#2) 08% Flaked Oats (#2) 1oz Warrior (First...
  9. TheFlyingSparge

    Jocky Box/Cold Plate Hose Sizes (buddy messed mine up)

    So I'm running a single tap cold plate. I let a buddy borrow my jocky box and it came back with the hoses changed from Home Depot. Nice. I need to change the hoses to food-safe/pressure safe PVC and I do not trust the sizes he used as my reference. I'm looking for standard hose OD/ID sizes...
  10. TheFlyingSparge

    Anyone use this low pressure regulator?

    I'm modifying my gas system for PID. Single tier system with 10" banjos. Right now the plan is to have HLT & MT PID controlled which requires low pressure to Honeywell valve. BP will remain high pressure manual operation since I've heard the low pressure might sacrifice ability to get to a fast...
  11. TheFlyingSparge

    Anyone Using an IMAGE® PID TA4-RNR?

    I'm adding PID's to my gas system and wondering if anyone has experience with this model? It will be running a Honeywell International VR8200A2132 Valve connected to a 14" banjo burner.
  12. TheFlyingSparge

    Anyone running a 20gal MT in a 1/2BBl setup?

    My single tier system is currently running a 15gal HLT, 15gal MT and 30gal Boil Pot. I mainly do 10gal batches in the 1.06ish range. I want the flexibility to do 15gal batches. Anyone doing 15gal batches using a 20gal MT & HLT. How's the size hold up? Too small? Just right? Wish you bought...
  13. TheFlyingSparge

    My new rig - advice on next steps

    So after 10yrs of brewing with coolers I finally upgraded my brew system. So far I'm loving it. The pumps alone make brew day more fun. The only thing not in these pictures is a small manual switchbox I built to control the pumps. Question for the guys that have done it before, what do I need...
  14. TheFlyingSparge

    Brewtech Conical Fermenter (1/2BBL) Casters - big or small/lock or no lock?

    Ok, bought a 1/2BBL SS conical fermenter. Moving on to accessorizing with leg extensions and casters. For the casters, I realize Brewtech offers black wheels. I'm considering my options since red or blue wheels would look cool. Anybody using wheels over 2"? Do you find the wheel brakes...
  15. TheFlyingSparge

    Party keg Guinness - Dispensing

    Ok, long time brewer here. My brother-in-law just got back from Iraq. We're celebrating. Guinness is his favorite. I'm surprising him with a keg. What's the best dispensing method without buying a nitro system? I'm open to any and all ideas. Anyone use a pump tap with Guinness? Does it work...
  16. TheFlyingSparge

    Anyone use 14mm ID silicone hose in their rig?

    Looking at 14mm hose. Wondering if anyone currently uses with camlock/pump setup.
  17. TheFlyingSparge

    Metric Silicon Hose

    Wondering if anybody use silicon hose sold in metric size for their pump setup. If so, what size are you using? I'm looking at 14mm ID X 18mm OD which is pretty close to the 1/2" ID X 3/4" OD I see a lot of folks using in the US. Any thoughts on this? Would be for 1/2" NPT Camlocks working...
  18. TheFlyingSparge

    RI Brewers- Local Hydrosratic testing/CO2 Refill Resource

    Rhode Island and Southern New England brewers: I had to get my CO2 tank hydro tested and filled. My normal go-to place for refills no longer does high-pressure hydrostatic tests so I had to look elsewhere. Ended up having luck with Fesco on Elmwood Ave in Warwick. They treated me real...
  19. TheFlyingSparge

    Any issues with weldless fittings?

    Upgrading my system. Weighing weldless vs tig weld fittings on my pot. Advantages? Part of me wants tig welded but I'll have to have it done. My practical side wants weldless for the convienence. Insight welcomed. Thanks.
  20. TheFlyingSparge

    $37 Banjo Burners

    Just picked up 3x 10" banjo burners with free shipping for my Brutus build at . They have limited stock fyi. Pretty good deal. They came in with screws and brass propane nipple.