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  1. Doctor_M

    How does my water report look?

    Just got my report back from ward, what do you guys think?
  2. Doctor_M

    Do I include flaked corn & rice when using acidulated malt?

    Just like the title states I'll be brewing a cream ale next Friday and after multiple Google searches I still don't know the answer, per the brewing water chemistry primer I plan on using 3% acidulated malt per grain bill.... do I add the pounds of rice and corn into that as well?
  3. Doctor_M

    Brewing in a few hours, forgot acidulated malt. Have lactic , phosporic, and citric.

    So just a minute ago I realized I forgot to pick up more acidulated malt from my lhbs yesterday and I'm trying to get brewing asap today. I have lactic, phosphoric, i thought I had citric but I don't. I have a glass pipette that measures in ml. This will be my second time playing with water...
  4. Doctor_M

    Are morebeer ultimate conis heated with fermwrap?

    Like the title says how are their conicals heated? I was thinking I was going to wrap my immersion chilled brewhemoths in fermwrap and then insulate them with Well when I got the fermwraps it says to not insulate both sides...
  5. Doctor_M

    brewhemoth coni + terrarium heater tape+ insulation ?'s

    I was planning on insulating my brewhemoths with immersion coils with this product like others have but also want to heat it and was thinking I would use terrarium tape. So for clarification it would be terrarium wrapped around the...
  6. Doctor_M

    brewershardware jacketed coni+glycol ?'s

    So I'm getting pretty serious about pulling the trigger on a conical 27-30 gallon size, I've seen and drooled over the brewhemoth and morebeer heated cooled conical long enough. I have a brew magic with plate chiller, 10 ale pails, 6 tap bar etc... the works you get the picture so not much else...
  7. Doctor_M

    Any brewmagic users with BH trub filter?

    I've been eyeing the brewershardware trub filter for a little while but haven't been able to figure out if I will have height issues and or getting the pump primed while using the Sabco (therminator) plate chiller. What are your thoughts?
  8. Doctor_M

    what to buy: 1 big chest freezer or 2 small?

    First time poster, longtime lurker here trying to figure out my next move. Moderators if this belongs in the fermentation section please move. So I just deposited my tax return check and have decided to use most of it on brewing equipment. I bought a used Sabco brewmagic v350 that was for sale...