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  1. TLaffey

    Nitrogen to de-aerate mash liquor

    Hi, I tried using a small amount of dextrose and some brewers yeast in my HLT to de-aerate the water before heating to strike temperature. I think this helped my beer, but it adds too much time to my brew day. Pre-boiling also takes time and uses up propane. So I'm thinking that I might use...
  2. TLaffey

    Adding whirlpool to Blichmann Top-tier

    I usually brew two batches on brew day so am thinking about adding a whirlpool vessel to my Blichmann top-tier in order to allow more overlap in the batches. I often do hop stands, so that's part of the timing factor. Currently on the stand: HLT, cooler tun, BK, RIMS tube, pump, control box...
  3. TLaffey

    Tilt hydrometer in a SS Brew Bucket

    I just bought a new Tilt so that I can track fermentation and more easily know when fermentation has reached the point where I want to add dry hops. Problem is, as expected, it's kinda hard to get a radio signal out of a SS fermenter. Sometimes I could and sometimes I couldn't--my guess is it...
  4. TLaffey

    Beer goes bad on bottling -- why?

    Hi, I've been brewing and bottling for a couple of years now and have had pretty good success. But lately, maybe half of the last 6 batches have gone bad soon after bottling--within a week, before they were even carbonated. Basically I've taken fully fermented beer (light, highly hopped...