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  1. rsieck1

    Cider Fermentation

    So I started my first 5 gallon batch of cider today. I have it sitting for 24 hours with the campden tabs in it. I put it in a 5 gallon carboy. Is it ok to and yeast and ferment in that size or will I end up with blow off like a beer? Should I transfer to a bigger carboy before I add the...
  2. rsieck1

    WTB Kegerator-live in Clover SC

    Looking to buy a kegerator. 2-3 tap if possible.
  3. rsieck1


    Using chiller for cool down and getting these clump looking masses in wort. Is that from the whirlfloc tab?
  4. rsieck1

    Your First Batch Stories

    0369B83B-CCE1-45E4-BF26-41C967E0C42F by rsieck1 posted Jan 31, 2020 at 11:39 PMStarting my very first batch tomo. Didn’t see a thread talking about everyone first batch experience. Soooo, doing my prep tonight and getting ready. Will post pics and how it goes tomo.