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  1. wigstr

    I can finally post in here

    Just got my keezer ready, have beer ready to keg, Thank god... I am so tired of bottling. :mug:
  2. wigstr

    Free Faucets and beer/air hose

    So I am at the bar slamming some brews and the beer line faucet cleaner guy is there.... I asked him if he has any faucets beer/air line he can spare for a home brewer like myself. He says meet me at my truck and I will see what I got.... I walk away with 3 perlick faucets and 30' beer line...
  3. wigstr

    SWMBO vs. Thermostat

    So I get home from a 4 year old's birthday party (beat down session at the paint yer pottery place) sit in my big chair and flip on the game. Start thinking to myself... "Man its cold in here" Get up to check the thermostat and its 58 degrees in my house. Normally not an issue.... But I have...
  4. wigstr

    Partial Mash or AG?

    So I have been extract brewing for a while now and making some decent brews. In fact I am loading the truck and delivering beer as gifts to all my friends dressed as santa (they love the homebrew)... Here is my issue Should I even mess with Partial Mash or go straight up full time AG... I am...
  5. wigstr

    Brewing tomorrow!

    Wish me luck! no known issues at this point.... we'll see what the next 24 hours holds- :rockin: Josh