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  1. Krrazy

    BrewChatter Brew Zilla/Robo Brew Giveaway

    Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. Krrazy

    Lamott to Bru'n Water Spreadsheet

    Hi all, quick back story -- I've been brewing all grain for ten years and about six years ago made the jump to controlling my water chemistry starting with RO water as a clean slate. I recently moved from Arizona to Pennsylvania and decided to look into using my own tap water to avoid the extra...
  3. Krrazy

    Immersion Chiller Strain Relief?

    I'm looking for some ideas that have worked well for others; I just upgraded my chiller to add recirculation capability but after brewing the first time the weight of the garden hose plus the recirculation hose pulls the chiller down and some of it rises out of the wort. I'm looking for a good...
  4. Krrazy

    1-Gallon Brewers UNITE!

    I brewed 1 gallon batches for about the first year of my adventures. In fact, I think I'm going to go back to them again soon to fine tune my recipes but for your question about bottling -- I actually made a mini bottling bucket using a 2 gallon beverage cooler. I took off the factory tap and...
  5. Krrazy

    Warped Carboys

    Haha, wow. I normally use glass 6gallon carboys but I do have 2 3 gallon Better Bottles. Luckily they have not become shrinky dinks. I soak them with Oxyclean and warm water and then use a carboy cleaner to get off any stubborn stuff. I have been using them for about 5 years.
  6. Krrazy

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Wow, what a great giveaway!
  7. Krrazy

    Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider)

    I'm hoping this improves with's not matching my expectations on the flavor I imagined! Very cloudy and tart even with a crash cool. If I do this again I'll go with a darker version and try a different yeast. Used Safale-05 and it fermented like crazy filling up the blow-off tube but I...
  8. Krrazy

    Mathematical Models for Brewing

    Hi out there, I just wanted to poll the forum on something. I have a final project due in a few weeks for a masters-level systems engineering course in modeling and simulation and I'd love to find something homebrew-related that meets the requirements of the project. The toughest ones are...
  9. Krrazy

    Bottling 1 gallon batches

    I do this all the time -- I converted a small drink cooler to a mini bottling bucket by removing the valve and installing a bottling bucket type valve (I had to enlarge the hole somewhat). I bottle exactly the same as if I were doing a 5 gal batch (adjusting the corn sugar of course) --...
  10. Krrazy

    Sticky Low Pressure Gauge

    I just wanted to check other people's experiences -- about a year ago I purchased most of a kegging setup from Keg Cowboy. I really liked their gauges with the rubber protectors on them. I kept the equipment packed as it came for about an year due to various factors and am finally starting...
  11. Krrazy

    Help me understand my washed yeast layers

    I think I'd shake that up and try to decant again for a cleaner sample. It'll be hard to avoid pitching all of that over material into your wort or starter.
  12. Krrazy

    As the second vendor review I've done, I wanted to start providing honest and timely feedback on my ordering experiences to help the rest of the HBT population. The majority of the pieces of my kegging equipment came from I've been bottling for two years now and the stars...
  13. Krrazy

    Vendor Review -

  14. Krrazy

    2.5 gallon batches

    I usually do a single sparge but if I were doing a no sparge three gallon batch I know I would work backwards from the final volume. For my system in dry Arizona, I need 4.5gal pre-boil. I typically mash at 1.25qts/lb and plan for .5 gal of dead space and .1 gal/lb for grain absorption...
  15. Krrazy

    2.5 gallon batches

    I do three gallon batches all the time. I take a 5gal recipe and multiply each ingredient by 3/5 and mash/sparge as normal calculating my strike, sparge and boil vol as necessary.
  16. Krrazy

    Dutch’s Cadillac Fermentation Chamber Build

    That looks great. I really like the shelf design. Not sure if I just missed it but did you secure the fridge to the dolly or just let gravity do the job? I know a lot of people do the probe in water thing. Do you control the actual temperature of the beer by looking at the carboys and changing...
  17. Krrazy

    Evaporation rate

    I think those numbers are reasonable. I don't know where you're located but relative humidity of the environment will play a role in your evaporation rate as well. I'm in southern AZ and I would expect to boil off 4-5 gallons for a 10 gal batch. I'd probably loose a gallon to evaporation if I...
  18. Krrazy

    Vendor Review -

    This is my first vendor review. I recently (5/31/2011) bought myself a kegging setup as a birthday gift and wanted to do some reviews to go along with the orders. I went with for the first part of my order -- 4 pin-lock kegs. This vendor caught my attention with their great price...
  19. Krrazy

    Project: Keezer

    Don't know if it's just me but the only picture that I can see is the cans of paint.