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  1. Papinquack

    Apfelwein as a base for sangria?

    I've been thinking about using my apfelwein as a base for sangria. Have any of you tried this before? If you have post the recipe you've tried. I'm not sure if you would stick with fresh apples? What other fruit do you think would complement the apfelwein?
  2. Papinquack

    I have to backsweeten apfelwein...after its been bottled!

    My first batch of apfelwein has been in bottles for 6 months. I never tried apfelwein before, I just went with the recipe and thought it would get better after it aged a bit. I opened a bottle and decided that it definitely needs back sweetened. I bought a wine conditioner to do the job. This...
  3. Papinquack

    club soda or ginger ale?

    My wife is having her friends over tomorrow night for pokeno.(Its bingo set to poker cards). Anyway, I made a sangria for her party. The recipe said to add club soda or ginger ale right before serving. Being a beer drinker, I'd like to see what those of who like wine would prefer?
  4. Papinquack

    wait till his hair grows

  5. Papinquack

    Anyone have a recipe for peach flavored ice tea?

    My wife wants to make a great peach flavored iced tea for our Christmas party. She tried Arbys new line of flavored iced teas and is hooked. I actually really like their Mandarian Peach. (I keep thinking how good it would be with a little yeast.:D ) Anyway help me make her happy, and I'll...
  6. Papinquack

    Thinking about adding more sugar, your thoughts?

    I have 4 gallons of a concentrate recipe that has been in the primary for 30 days and is due for secondary. Problem is, I'm getting an abv of only 10.4%, and I want to bump it up to at least 12.5%. I've been using an off brand grape juice concentrate I found at Aldies instead of welches because...
  7. Papinquack

    Charlie bit me auto tuned

    If you liked the original you'll like this...
  8. Papinquack

    1980's metal fans guess who this is?

    I just came across this, whos the dude on the left? WOW......... YouTube - Ronnie & The Red Caps-An Angel Is Missing
  9. Papinquack

    Jacee Lee Dugard payback pay per view event

    I've been thinking about that poor girl - now a woman Jacee Lee Dugard. Man I'd like to see that guy and his wife who took her pay for their crimes publicly before they burn in hell. Imagine it, a pay per view event of public payback where All the proceeds would go to the victim and their...
  10. Papinquack

    Cash for cars heads up???

    I dont know if theres any truth to this, you can make up your own mind... YouTube - Glenn Beck: Cash For Clunkers is a government scam to gain access to your computer
  11. Papinquack

    Buckethead posts song in honor of MJ's passing

    I just found out Buckethead posted a tribute to michael jackson. It's pretty good as is alot his work... For those of you who have never heard of bucket head I got to tell you, he's a weirdo- at least his schtick is, but his guitar is revolutionary. I'll post a few of my favorite videos for you...
  12. Papinquack

    You have got to see this...

    Ron Mueck: Hyper-Realist Sculptor « Allsteim’s
  13. Papinquack

    Layne Staley Tribute

    Today is the seventh year anniversary of his death. He was one of my all time favorite vocalists. YouTube - Alice in Chains - Bleed the Freak (Live 1990)
  14. Papinquack

    Something to think about...

    YouTube - Time for a New American Revolution?
  15. Papinquack

    Beretta PX4 Storm SubCompact?

    Do any of you own a PX4 Storm sub compact? I've been lusting after one of these for the longest time. If you do, how is it working out for concealed carry?
  16. Papinquack

    Nationwide Chicago tea party?

    I'm not looking for any political comments on this I just want to know if anyone else has heard of this and if so is it for real? Nationwide Chicago Tea Party February 27
  17. Papinquack

    Telemarketer prank

    I dont know if it was posted before but its pretty funny... Telemarketer Murder Prank Call - Prank Calls -
  18. Papinquack

    Titanic/ Economy

    I just wanted to share a great analogy I heard on the radio regarding our economy and the bailouts. It went something like this: Our economy is like the sinking titanic, yeah there are lifeboats (bailouts) but they are for the rich. if your the poor (average tax payer) your going down with the...
  19. Papinquack

    Any business owners out there?

    I've been reading through the forums and alot of people are getting laid off and some are losing their jobs permanantly. My question to those who own businesses is: Are the layoffs we are experiencing due to real difficulties or are businesses just over reacting to the anxiety and fear the media...