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  1. clayof2day

    Brewer's Friend Giveaway! Big Thanks to HBT!

    Thanks Brewer's Friend. Ss stuff is AMAZING, I have a 10 gallon kettle and would love to add a unitank to the mix!
  2. clayof2day

    Unclean finish!!

    If it is oxidation a couple days might not be enough for you to tell a difference. It sounds like you are taking measures to avoid it anyways. Interesting conundrum.
  3. clayof2day

    Unclean finish!!

    If you are tasting papery it sounds like it could be an oxidation thing. Does it get worse with age? How about if you "force mistreat" a bottle. Take a bottle out and set it somewhere where it will be at 80ºF or something. If it gets worse it could definitely be oxidation.
  4. clayof2day

    In need of motivation!

    Preaching to the choir good Pastor. I haven't been around here since this years NHC. I haven't brewed since then either. Who would have thought that getting a PhD would take away from your precious brew-time!! I don't know if I'm going to be able to afford a trip to Oakland this year. We'll...
  5. clayof2day

    Sick and tired of my POS efficiency...

    2 things. 1.) Beer Alchemy is great software and its very reasonably priced (send me a PM and I might be able to work out a shady deal for you, get the free trial perhaps we can extend it ;). 2.) This is for the general public here. There is a lot of complaining about being below 80% eff...
  6. clayof2day

    Frigidaire mini fridge kegerator?

    Usually the cooling lines run through the freezer tray. Likely the lines do run though the top, but you could always do the corn starch/vodka trick to find the lines.
  7. clayof2day

    Madison, WI Area Brewers

    When all is said and done I may have 1 extra ticket. It will go to "real life" friends first, then offer to board folks, then it'll hit craigslist if I have to. If sold it will be at cost, no greater.
  8. clayof2day

    Does anyone have a GC/MS method for analyzing AA in hops?

    Hey Kyle, I'd be interested in the UV/Vis protocol you have. If you want to email it to me, just shoot me a PM and I'll get you my email. Unless its in my profile, I don't know. Matt
  9. clayof2day

    About to have a ****ing heart attack. electric bill.

    I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about our $50 bill, then. Especially since that's paying extra to have it all come from a wind farm. Granted we live in a new 1100 sq. ft. condo, but still I can't imagine paying that much for electricity, especially as a poor grad student!
  10. clayof2day

    Beers similar to Chezchvar Lager

    Also, the Victory Brewing Prima Pils is a surprisingly accurate representation of the style by and American Micro
  11. clayof2day

    Those that went to NHBC

    uh, RR wasn't there this year
  12. clayof2day

    Show Drinking Game

    Alternate: Split the room into 2 groups. Group 1 drinks on "Roxanne" and group 2 drinks on "You don't have to to put on the red light". Its pretty fun. Also, in the Big Lebowski, I've had friends try to make a white russian every time the Dude has one. They've never made it all the way though.
  13. clayof2day

    NHBC Cincinnatti--CLUB NIGHT planning

    As a follow up, I started a sheet for club night, so we should just be able to drop off kegs now. We aren't listed in the book as participating, though. Hope to see you folks today!
  14. clayof2day

    NHBC Cincinnatti--CLUB NIGHT planning

    Hey all, Sorry I didn't respond earlier, but I did bring a keg, a cobra tap, and a CO2 charger for the keg. I haven't dropped it off yet, but I did notice we're listed as a participating club for club night. We'll see how it goes when I walk over to the keg drop. See you call here, I hope...
  15. clayof2day

    Testing the new brolly spoon. My 1/2 & 1/2 ideas

    They layer based on density. So, if you want to layer a big ass chocolate stout and apfewein, make sure you put the apfelwein on top since it has a lower FG. The reason Guinness/Beamish/Murphy's etc. are almost always on top is NOT because they are nitro beers, but because they are dry stout...
  16. clayof2day

    Need to create a PDF?

    Also, that function is native on Mac OS.
  17. clayof2day

    Formulating a Chocolate Baltic Porter Recipe

    Also, Baltic Porters are lagers. You might be able to get away with Cal Ale, but you'll want to keep your ferment temps really low.
  18. clayof2day

    Difficulty with used regulator setup.

    Well, you have a "T" on each regulator, so they should all be working. Is there check valves anywhere on the system? If so, make sure all are open (I know it sounds stupid, but sometimes its the easy stuff we miss). Thats all I have for now
  19. clayof2day

    Franziskaner Clone

    Also, I'm pretty sure that that OG is WAY too high for any hefe except maybe a weizenbock, which this is not
  20. clayof2day

    what do you think of my water?

    Your bicarbonates are through the roof. Even in your softened samples. I don't blending is getting you much except a lot of sodium. You're residual alkalinity is probably pretty high either way. I recommend chapter 15 at to learn about water. If its been working, keep with...