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  1. RoseburgBrewer

    Whirlpool port

    I'm trying to figure out how and what type of whirlpool set up I am going to install and had a few questions. I see a lot of people that mount a whirlpool port pretty low in their keggle. I like the lower mount because I don't need as much tubing to get up to the top of my keggle and my...
  2. RoseburgBrewer

    Dad to be=brewing lots of beer now

    I've got a boy due in a month!!! I realize I'm going to have very little time to brew for awhile so I am brewing the last of 30 gallons this weekend. I figure 30 gallons will get me through the winter (hopefully). After I finish up this weekend I will still have one more keg to fill. The...
  3. RoseburgBrewer

    Swirling the Fruit In Secondary

    I've read up on adding fruit to the secondary and racking on top, but I haven't found any info on what to do after that. Should I swirl the beer occasionally like I would if I was dry hopping? It seems like all of the fruit puree has sunk to the bottom and its not going to come in contact with...
  4. RoseburgBrewer

    Oregon Fruit Puree-hold back the syurp

    I'm planning on using some Oregon Fruit Raspberry Preserves for my raspberry wheat. I know a lot has been covered on this topic but I'm trying to add a new twist. Has anyone added just the fruit to the secondary while saving the syrup for the keg or bottling? I'm thinking that the fruit...
  5. RoseburgBrewer

    My centennials just stopped growing, why?

    I've got 5 hop plants growing for the second year now. All of my hops are doing good except for the centennials. The centennials started out growing at the same pace as the others and then just completly slowed down at 4-5 feet. The centennials have the best sun too. They've only grown about...
  6. RoseburgBrewer

    My IPA has fermented for over a week now whats up?

    I made an IPA 2 sundays ago and it is still bubbling every minute out of the blow off tube. The OG was 1055. I think I fermented it a little high (72) at the start. Any idea what going on?
  7. RoseburgBrewer

    How long will my hops last in the freezer?

    I've got some hops that a buddy gave me about 3 years ago that have stayed in the freezer the whole time. They are all pellet hops and have been opened and lost there Nitrogen seal numerous times. Are these hops a lost cause or should I attempt to use them?
  8. RoseburgBrewer

    First attempt at FWH and HopBursting

    I'm going try First Wort Hopping out for the first time along with Late Hop Bursting for my IPA on Sunday and am looking for some insight on my hop combinations. Haven't quite figured out the grain bill yet but it will be a fairly basic 2 row IPA grain bill. The hops go as follows: 0.5 oz...
  9. RoseburgBrewer

    Homebrewclub looking for way to identify off flavors and various chartersitcs of beer

    I'm looking for an alternative to FlavorActiV. I'm trying to get people in my brew club into recognizing different characteristics / off flavors of beer and heard of the FlavorActiV product. When I went to the website I found that the prices are ridiculously expensive, too expensive for my...
  10. RoseburgBrewer

    Mash Temperature Never Got Over 160. What are the consequences?

    This is my second attempt at all grain brewing. The first batch went without a hitch but this batch was a little different. I wasn't able to hit my target mash temperatures. I tried mashing in at 154 degrees but was only able to get it up to 142 degrees for 60 minutes. When it came time to...
  11. RoseburgBrewer

    Making Cider with local apples, is it worth it?

    I've got a lot of friends with apple trees in their yard that just let the apples go to waste. These are all various types of eating apples and it just kills me to see them go to waste. I've been wanting to make hard cider for some time now and thought this would be a perfect opportunity...
  12. RoseburgBrewer

    Looking for good examples of various mouthfeel characteristics

    I recently read the mouthfeel article in the Aug./Sept. edition of BYO . After reeding the article I thought it would be a good idea for my local brew club to do some tasting to get familiar with different types or descripitons of mouthfeel. The only problem with this is that I don't know of...
  13. RoseburgBrewer

    Has anyone used London Ale Yeast at 60 degrees?

    I've been thinking about trying it. Has anyone else? What was the Flavor Profile? Did it Ferment Well?
  14. RoseburgBrewer

    Problems with my DIY pick up tube

    I've recently tried DIYing a pickup tube for my keggle but have been running into trouble. The keg will drain all of the way until it reaches the keggle valve and then stop. I tried putting a [email protected]! ton of plumbers tape on all of the fittings do make sure it was air tight and it seems to be air...
  15. RoseburgBrewer

    Mashing Temperatures

    I read alot about people mashing this grain too high or this grain too low. Where to I find info about what temperature to mash different grains at? :tank:
  16. RoseburgBrewer

    How do you use oak chips?

    I'm using some oak chips in my Scottish Ale by soaking 2 oz. of them in scotch for a week then dumping them in the secondary. I was wondering if anyone else uses another tecnique and if so how well it turned out. I'm thinking about adding another 2 oz. to ensure that I can taste some of the...
  17. RoseburgBrewer

    What is Cold Crashing?

    I've been reading a lot about cold crashing your secondary and have no idea what that means. I looked on home brew wiki and it isn't on there. What is cold crashing?:drunk:
  18. RoseburgBrewer

    Recipe adjustments for 15G batches

    I recently was told by someone at my local brew club meeting that if you plan on brewing in larger quantities the ingredient amounts don't always translate proportionaly. Is this true, and if so are there any gudies, websites, books or threads that can help me with this?:rockin:
  19. RoseburgBrewer

    Can I make mead cheap?

    I'm looking into making my first batch of mead ever and wanted to know how much it cost to make. I looked at kits on Northern Brewer and they seem to be considerably more than the beer kits. I'd like to make a batch but I don't want to spend 40-50 bucks to make it.
  20. RoseburgBrewer

    Scotish stuck fermentation

    So I wanted to try and brew a scottich for the first time. The OG was only 1.052 and I used Wyeast Scottish Ale Yeast (w/o a starter) and that dropped it to 1.023. I wanted to lower the gravity even more so I added a wyeast london ale yeast w/o a starter and it didn't seem to lower the gravity...