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  1. GreenwoodRover

    Sad news for all of us from GreenwoodRover's family

    My husband, Kevin, frequented this website and spoke of the "beer board" often. When I went to the computer today this was the first site that remained open. Yesterday, while at a family friend's cottage, Kevin collapsed next to the pool, and they were unable to bring him back. They tried CPR...
  2. GreenwoodRover

    Starting a Distributorship?

    I often thinik about how I can get more of the beers that I like and It occurred to me that I should start my own little boutique distributorship. It would ahve the advantage of being an established company when I finally (read as years away) was able (skill and financially) to start my own...
  3. GreenwoodRover

    I didn't want to do it (FFF Blackheart Help)

    I usually am apalled by the "help me clone this" type threads, but I now come hat in hand with a request for help. Three Floyds' Blackheart Just snagged another bottle tonight and goolllllly is good... Of course their website is off in never-never-land and currently not (or ever)...
  4. GreenwoodRover

    De-Fruiting a beer...?

    I made Blind Lemon Lar's "Squeeze my Lemon" Blond Ale about 4 weeks ago for my upcoming block party (this weekend). Rather than just use slices of lemon rind/zest as indicated, I microplaned the 2oz worth. Whoooohooooo is it lemony, think of a beer with a lemonhead candy dropped in...
  5. GreenwoodRover

    Your end is the road!

    Come from top o mountian where the people come to pray. Come from top o mountian where the people come n' pray. Ain't no truth in action less you believe in anyway. I was drivin' down the road one day someone hit a possum........... Ridin' down the road one day someone hit a...
  6. GreenwoodRover

    Ommmmm Nom Nomm

    I are hungry. I cookce bagle doggs dip chomp dip chomp chomp....
  7. GreenwoodRover

    English IPA - Dry Hop or Not

    I have an English IPA recipe that I've been conditioning for a while, I'm almost ready to bring it on line but it just seems something is missing, maybe my palate is singed from the IPA and Hoppy APA that I've been enjoying, but I figured I'd post the poll above with my options, If I dry hop it...
  8. GreenwoodRover

    Yum Town - Population: me

    Gave the good 'ol Weber its first run of the season... I present to you for your drooling pleasure: Bacon Wrapped Mesquite Smoked Tenderloin Post wrap On the Grill 2.5 hours later Served with Trader Joe's Roasted Garlic and Onion Potatoes
  9. GreenwoodRover

    Oxidation Flavors - Are some styles more prone than others?

    Like the title says. Are there some styles that are more prone to picking these musty flavors than others? Do they show through more prominently in some styles? I've done 2 stouts an Oatmeal in the past and a Dry Irish I have on top now. They both have a similar musty (not wet cardboard...
  10. GreenwoodRover

    Weird Comments at the LHBS

    I frequent about 3 different LHBS in the Chicago area (I know I'm lucky to be out and about for work a lot and it's nice we have a lot of options in Chicago). I grabbed some misc stuff totaling about $35. While he was ringing me up i tried to strike up a conversation with the guy by asking if...
  11. GreenwoodRover

    R U Kidding me with these Cookies

    Daamnit we serialsy spnd over sicty in girlscot cookies. i only adk fo 2 boxes of samoas and they re the firts gone???? wtf? you said you were on a dioe t but all the tin mints are sill terer shiut
  12. GreenwoodRover

    Beer Smith - Lost to Trub and Chiller

    Cuerrently my new keggle does not have a diptube yet and I am leaving about 1.5gal behind. I know it's bad but I goose up the grain bill and hops to make up for it until I have the time to make a decent diptube/hopstopper. However, i think the equipment profile in beer smith is throwing off my...
  13. GreenwoodRover

    Burner Question - KAB4

    I've got a KAB4 fairly new, but I'm not real impressed with its performance. It takes me 30min to bring my 5 gal batch full runnings (8 gal) to boil (starting at 160F). I was suspecting the height of the burner and saw a thread here that lists the std height at 4" which is where mine is (see...
  14. GreenwoodRover

    10th batch is it runied???? seriously mercury poision

    I brewed a stout today. All went well during mash and boil. However. My floating thermometer was sanatized and placed into the kettle about half way though the chill. I had to move when i gave it one last stir I heard a crack. I know that i'm an idiot, but do you think the little balls...
  15. GreenwoodRover

    Ska Brewing is Pretty Cool...

    So I live in chicago and don't get a lot of Ska Products, but the stuff I had was awesome (their Canned ESB, and their Pinstripe Red Ale), however my last batch was real funky. Astringent, over carbed (it took 10min to pour and the head was 4" from a 12oz bottle in a tall weiss glass) so i...
  16. GreenwoodRover

    Another weird Beersmith quirk

    I just entered a recipe in beersmith for a kolsch. Brew house Eff 70% Finished Batch Size into fermenter 5.5gal Lost to trub and chiller .5gallons 7# Pilsner 2# white Wheat 1# honey (add after boil box checked) 1oz Perle 8% 50min .5oz Hallertauer 3.9% 15min .5oz Hallertauer 3.9% 0min...
  17. GreenwoodRover

    Hefe - to whirfloc or not.

    I'm planning on doing a Hefe (my first) this weekend: 7lbs red wheat 5lbs pils Tettanger at 60min to get to 15IBU Wyeast Bavarian I want it to keep the haziness so my thought was to omit the whirfloc I ususlly add. Anyone have any thoughts on adding or not boil finings to a hefe?
  18. GreenwoodRover

    Too hot? or just right?

    Last night was the second time using my newly created keggle. After the first use I noticed the bottom 3-4" looked like it was blued similar to a gun barrel. Last night I watched it a little closer and the bottom skirt was glowing red. Am I boiling too hot, or is this normal?
  19. GreenwoodRover

    Drum solo throw down

    I'm no where near as good or accomplished as these guys, but I'll challenge anyone to post a better drum solo... I'l give me props to anyone, but these were my inspirations when i was a wee lad.... YouTube - John Bonham Live - Moby Dick (Part 1) I never really played a kit so the above...
  20. GreenwoodRover

    Are UK Malts darker than their US equivalent?

    I recently was at the LHBS (I just stop in sometimes for schitz and giggles). I noticed they just started carrying Thomas and Fawcett UK specialty grains. I bought the Crystal II (billed as 62-68L) as a sub for the domestic C60L I had planned for an ESB I'm making soon. However when I got...