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  1. batfishdog37

    Organic Yeast

    Thanks all. Someone asked me if I could make an ALL organic beer. Most breweries without killer labs get by using regular yeast with organic malt and hops. There is an exemption where they don't need to use organic yeast if there isn't any reliably available. Summit Brewing in St. Paul MN...
  2. batfishdog37

    Organic Yeast

    Organic yeast is fed and grown on organic substrates and food sources. For the most part it doesn't seem to exist except in the labs of big breweries.
  3. batfishdog37

    Organic Yeast

    Anyone know of any organic brewer's yeast out in the universe? I'm looking to make an entirely organic beer and am trying to find an organic yeast. Wyeast, White Labs ect don't make any they tell me. Ideas? Thanks Much!
  4. batfishdog37

    Organic Smoked?

    Greetings! Does anyone know of any organic smoked malts? I've been searching high and low. It doesn't need to be a beer malt. I found smoked bread flour from the U.K. but obviously pre-ground flour won't work. Thanks for any thoughts.
  5. batfishdog37

    Off Flavor...very strange one

    My mash temps change depending on the beer. Saison mashes are usually low (150 ish), scotch ale usually higher (156-7) as examples. I do oxygenate with an O2 stone and oxygen cylinder. I have tasted the wort before fermentation, I haven't really noticed the flavor...I don't think. Ill change...
  6. batfishdog37

    Off Flavor...very strange one

    Thank you all for the "shots in the dark" it's appreciated! :mug: I use the rubber stoppers form homebrew shops that are appropriate for my carboy neck size. I use alcohol in the airlock unless it's a big beer in which case i'll use a blow-off hose into a 1/2 gallon growler with either acid...
  7. batfishdog37

    Off Flavor...very strange one

    I fermented all the batches in glass carboys that I made sure were very clean and had no residual cleaner or sani in them and there wasn't an issue that I could see with krausen falling into the beer that I noticed. I don't think it is autolysis because the beers were not on the yeast or in the...
  8. batfishdog37

    Off Flavor...very strange one

    Greetings, Hopefully this is the correct place to post this question... I have had a reoccurring aroma/flavor come through in a few beers that can only be described as rubber (not band-aid) and chemical. The off-flavor shows up sporadically over the last hand full of batches. Not one after...
  9. batfishdog37

    A-Acid dissociation?

    Greetings, Does anyone have an idea if hop alpha acids dissociate hydrogen ions into the wort during boiling/isomerisation, in a similar way to the way other acids like hydrochloric acid does in a solution? I am searching through many resources like "Principles of Brewing Science"...
  10. batfishdog37

    adding diffrent yesat to stuck fermentation

    Is this all grain or partial mash? If AG, what was the process, mash temp, anywhere during the process that something went wrong? Was the yeast old, use a starter, ect?
  11. batfishdog37

    New equipment lots of stuck sparge after stuck sparge - how to solve?

    What about your crush? Has that changed? Is it too fine for the manifold and husks are clogging it up? I use a false bottom and have had husks make it underneath and into the hose and it can clog up. Just thinking.....
  12. batfishdog37

    Measuring calories in beer

    Beer Tools Pro is on Mac, it also gives calorie information.
  13. batfishdog37

    Centenniel and Simcoe

    Yeah I figured it was fairly subjective. I've had Weyerbacher Double Simcoe and thought it was awesome. Thanks for the help.
  14. batfishdog37

    Barley Wine recipe

    Well looks good to me, but my experience with WLP002 is that it' not very attenuative. Maybe that's your goal but mashing up at 158 and using that yeast, it could end high. I had a 1.055 beer mashed a 157 stop at 1.020 with that yeast, which was quite higher than I wanted. Anyway just a...
  15. batfishdog37

    Centenniel and Simcoe

    I was reading on HBT about someone who claims cascade and simcoe mixed as dry hops smells like cat pee. Since centenniel is billed as a supercharged cascade, I was wondering about any similar aromas which may result, if the cat pee thing is even to be believed. Anyone with experience?
  16. batfishdog37

    Board Stout Recomendation - Bastardized Every Stout I've Brewed :(

    Don't be too hard on yourself! It took me a while to start getting procedures down to a point where I know what to expect from my system. +1 to trying something simple. When you say your temps were off, do you mean fermentation temp or mash...everything if your thermo is off?
  17. batfishdog37


    Whew! Thanks everyone! Yeah, from growing hops for 3 years I don't expect grapes to be easy at all, I just think it would be cool. Thanks again fo rthe help and the sweet links!
  18. batfishdog37


    Hello, I've been brewing for about 5 years and have become very intersted in wine over the last little while. I have made Apfelwein, but would like to make wine. Is there any means of getting rootstock for planting vines at home? Is that even the correct term? I'm looking for the wine...
  19. batfishdog37

    91% brewhouse efficiency!

    Just to share some experience: I once thought I got 98% mash eff. I was shocked and excited!(obviously) Then a few minutes later I realized I was measuring the first runnings frmo the mash and the sugar was super concentrated, so I re-sampled before pitching yeast and was at 80 something...
  20. batfishdog37

    Can I use a blow torch?

    I'm a little confused, are you trying to make something like a Perry, or a Pear Cider? Or perhaps something like a Braggot with pears? Maybe i'm just not understanding or reading correctly. My (limited) knowledge of perry is that it requires specific perry pears.