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    Do different yeasts need different volumes of priming sugar?

    I can't believe the answer to the above question is yes. I am asking it because I am going over my brew notes and have seen that when i have primed with 6.8 grams/litre of beer with WLP 001 the beer has come out nicely fizzy - just how i like a beer to be: properly fizzy, but not enough to make...
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    Autolysis and cold conditioning

    Hi I may not be following forum rules/etiquette (so let me know if i am not)...but this appears in one of the HBT articles Is this possible? Are my bottle conditioned beers that have been in the fridge for six months at risk of this too?
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    What can one do with a fridge compressor?

    There is an internal leak somewhere in my fridge. Everything about the fridge works fine but because of the leak the coolant escapes and then the fridge, well, doesn't work fine. The only way to fix this is to break the walls of the fridge until the leak is found, but I can get a new fridge...
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    Online Maltster courses

    I did the OU Chemistry of Beer course online, which I enjoyed a lot. I am now interested in exploring maltster courses - anyone know of courses online and/or material I can access for free (or close to free:)? I am especially interested in learning about selecting grains for malting.
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    Chlorophenols infections/off flavours

    I have finally worked out that an infection/off flavours i get is caused by chlorine. I thought initially it was caused by bad sanitation. But it comes from using pool chlorine to clean the fermenters (which is effective) and then not rinsing them out thoroughly. I got the infections so...
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    Mount Hood with East Kent Goldings

    I happen to have enough of the above two hops, combined, to use them as a late addition. I was thinking of using them on a IPA(ish)/Blonde(ish) recipe of mine - the grain bill is 85% pale and the rest split between biscuit, malenoiden and vienna. The last time I used the grain bill I used...
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    Brewing with high gravity yeast

    My brother in law brought me a vial on WLP 099 and I want to try make a very high ABV beer with it. Will the following approach work: Step one - make 20L SG 1.060 (or thereabouts) add the vial, aerate per normal and allow the fermentation to start. Once fermentation starts, after a few...
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    Sulfudic infection

    I think this is the most useful article I have found on infections in beer. Four batches of mine over the last 10 months have been infected with something crazy. Based on the descriptions in the article, the closest fit is that the beers have been sulfidic: But I cannot work out where...
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    Once its bottled how to max the flavour in shortest time

    I bottled an american amber ale last night which has been made for a party in 20 days (so 3 weeks from bottling). Its surprisingly high alcohol, moderately hopped and i can taste it has plenty of body. What is the best approach to getting the flavours ready in time for the party? I want...
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    How fast can a fermentation be?

    I can't find an answer to this on the web; perhaps I am using the wrong search terms. I am thinking about making beer for the express purpose of distilling it. So all I am after is getting the alcohol as quickly as possible so the fermenter can be emptied and used again. For example...
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    Drying out beer to get the ABV up for longer ageing

    I have an imperial stout in the fermenter at the moment. It has reached what looks like a FG of 1.011, which gives it an ABV of 11.5%. I used WLP 530 and think it may take a while to flatten out properly, but can't see a major change happening. I added a bit more sugar than in the recipe...
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    Sulphur with WLP570

    I made a Westmalle Extra Clone(ish) and used WLP 550 and WLP 570. I had read that the 570 gives off a sulphur (sulfur for the US readers ;)) smell that recedes with time. I picked that smell up during fermentation and expected it to recede during the month it has been in the fermenter....but...
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    WLP 550 for stout?

    I have done a few searches about WLP 550 but haven't found anything specific about using it in a stout. Has anyone had any experience doing so? I want to make something that is high alcohol - between 12 and 14%. The guys at Candi Syrup have a good imperial stout recipe. I am thinking of...
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    Hangover free yeast

    See this It seems like the essence of the argument is This is not my understanding of what causes hangovers from the Chemistry of Beer course...
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    Turning an (infected) abbey ale into a sour beer

    I tried to make a variant of the Westvleteren clone discussed here When I took the first gravity reading it tasted good, but despite being very careful about sanitation it now (a week later) tastes like it has been infected with Lactobacillus. It was very hard work making that beer and...
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    Issues with my gas burner

    I have one of these gas burners, which is is insanely powerful (excuse the wrong layout of the photos)! But starts to do this after too long a period of burning A while ago this only took a few minutes of use to happen, so i took it to a gas shop nearby and they replaced the pipe...
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    Almost a rotting meat off flavour

    Excuse the subject, but it is the best way I can describe it. Recently I made an american amber ale that just smells and tastes foul. The older it gets the worse this smell gets. Carbonation is 100% and I think has stayed the same since the first bottle I opened. I always take sanitation...
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    How easy is it to oxidise a beer?

    I know this is a potentially dangerous question to ask as I am sure opinions will vary, so let me clarify some things. I am very cautious when I transfer from primary to secondary/bottling bucket to reduce splashing as much as possible. I also try my best to reduce the amount of air that comes...
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    Ageing beer that is under carbonated

    I recently experimented and I have come up with something somewhere between a stout and a porter. Its great and it has all the right characters for ageing - EXCEPT i have not carbed it to the level I wanted. I used an online calculator to work out the priming sugar volume and under estimated...
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    Whats the ultimate complement your beer has got?

    I got a real buzz recently when a colleague told me he gave one of my beers to his German father in law. He asked him how far he would travel to buy that beer - the answer was 50km. I was pretty happy with that considering how easy it is to get good beer in Germany. I was also told recently...