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  1. phatuna

    High gravity help

    are you confident that your mash temp readings are accurate? what about your fermentation temp? is it controlled?
  2. phatuna

    Redneck three tier

    Looks like you've got some work to do on your brew rig :) here is a pic of my homemade gravity system. it's ugly, but I don't have to move hot water around manually.
  3. phatuna

    What is used for fermenting 10 gallon batches?

    I use this: Austin Homebrew Supply
  4. phatuna

    Moving my Boil Kettle, is it safe?

    it's only a matter of time until you loose it. I wouldn't worry much about the blichmann failing. You should figure out how to brew in one spot.
  5. phatuna

    How much commercial beer do you drink at home?

    I probably do 70% homebrew and 30% store bought. I concentrate my homebrewing on bigger beers and buy session beers
  6. phatuna

    Goodbye stovetop biab, hello all grain for real

    I used the sp10 for a bit, that's a good burner. One thing to know, the burner top is not wide enough to hold a keg. if you ever plan on boiling wort in a keg, this is not the best burner. You will have to modify it, I used to put a bbq grate over mine that was wide enough for my keg to rest...
  7. phatuna

    2nd All Grain Brew - So depressing

    did you use the same mill at the same setting for brew 1 vs. brew 2? have you read brewkaisers webpage? Troubleshooting Brewhouse Efficiency - German brewing and more
  8. phatuna

    Can I brew a 15 gallon batch with one beer bottle for the yeast?

    This is a big no-no. you must drink the beer, never pour it out.
  9. phatuna

    First All Grain brew turned out a much higher gravity than intended...What now?

    sounds like your 65% efficiency was about right. you increased your FG by adding a lb of sugar that it does not sound like you accounted for in BS. It also sounds like you boiled off more than you anticipated in BS. Take great notes for the first 5 to 10 all-grain sessions like JW points out...
  10. phatuna

    10 gallon-two carboy question

    Agree with the others, one last thought, I bought one of these 13 gallon carboys and love it. Austin Homebrew Supply
  11. phatuna

    Yeast starter - should I pitch entire thing or just yeast sediment?

    I would pour out about half of that starter. Mix the remaining half really well and dump it into your wort
  12. phatuna

    High Altitude Brewing

    boil a couple of gallons, pour a bit in, take temp, pour some more, take temp until you reach desired mash temp. then take notes. or, forget the protein rest altogether.
  13. phatuna

    What a day

    The spare on newer cars is sometimes a PITA to figure out. This guy needs a break here guys!
  14. phatuna

    Winter brewing

    wait! I'm a guy, we brew in shorts year around :)
  15. phatuna

    Winter brewing

    We brew in bikini's year around in So.Cal.. yah, we don't have 4 seasons so please stay put :cross:
  16. phatuna

    Now I've caught something, what do i do?

    do a search for starter step up. here is a thread: you should also go the the website: to see how big of a starter you need for the amount of beer you plan on fermenting.
  17. phatuna

    Big Belgian - should I repitch?

  18. phatuna

    Hydrometer 101

    keep asking questions, also, try using the search function at the top right - most anything that you can think of regarding homebrewing has been tackled on this website.
  19. phatuna

    Hydrometer 101

    If you brewed an extract kit, it is extremely difficult to miss your OG. It can only be missed if you didn't get all of the extract into the wort, or you didn't top up to the appropriate volume (i.e. going into primary with more or less than 5 gallons of wort). You can assume with relative...
  20. phatuna

    Possible Contamination???

    yah, the satellite fermenter has been discussed here ad nausium, I agree with the crowd that believes that they are a poor indication of what is going on in your ferementer. what temp is it at now? if it's too cool, you might bring it to a warmer location. other than that, heed the advice...